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13 tips for building authority and influence

This blog post is based on episode 235 of the ProBlogger podcast.

Starting a new blog can be a bit of an uphill battle. You need to create lots of content, and then use that content to bring traffic to your site.

But what’s even tougher is building authority and influence in your niche. After all, why would people believe you’re an authority in your niche when you’ve barely talked about it?

Sure, you may know a lot about your chosen niche. But talking about how much you know and what you’ve achieved doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. These days anyone can call themselves an expert, and so people expect more than just self-promotion and a list of achievements .

Which is why I’d like to share 13 tips for building and influence through your blogging.

1. Share everything you know

There’s no doubting that to be an authority in your niche you need to know something about it. And obviously the more you know, the more influential you can become. But rather than keeping it all to yourself, you should share what you know with your audience.

Not only will it prove that you really do know what you’re talking about, it will also help you come across as someone who is honest, likeable, and that your readers can trust.

Of course, that means you should never pretend to have knowledge that you don’t actually have. But you should never need to pretend you know more than you do, because my second tip is to…

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you don’t know

How do you react when you see someone calling themselves an expert or a guru on a particular topic? Chances are you roll your eyes and think, Yeah.

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