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15 ways to hook readers into your blog

This post is based on episode 35 of the ProBlogger podcast.

With so many blogs out there (not to mention all the other types of websites), you’ve only got a few seconds to convince a first-time reader that yours is worth coming back to.

So how do you do that? By hooking them quickly with your blog’s design and content. And here are 15 ways you can do it.

1. Provide ways for people to subscribe, follow and connect

You might think this is so obvious it isn’t even worth mentioning. But despite there being so many options available – email, RSS feeds, social media and so on – you’d be amazed how many bloggers don’t provide an easy way for their readers to stay in touch.

You should start by working which option works best. I prefer email simply because it gives me complete control. You only need to look at what’s happening with Facebook in Australia at the moment to see what can happen when you rely on a platform you don’t control.

Once you’ve decided what method works best for you, embed it into your blog’s design as much as possible. While we have links to our various social media channels on our blogs, we have multiple places where we ask for people to subscribe – in popups, in our design, and even at the end of our blog posts.

Which is a nice segue into my next point.

2. Ask people to subscribe in your content

One of the best places to ask for your readers to subscribe is when they’re reading your content. It’s the equivalent of casually bringing up during a conversation, and chances are people will be more than willing to agree – especially if you’ve just provided them with useful content.

When Twitter first arrived on the scene, we ran a number of posts on Digital Photography School about how to use it. And it was the perfect place to ask

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