You are currently viewing 16 Benelux based fintech startups that raised funding in Q1 2022; 11 of them are hiring right now

16 Benelux based fintech startups that raised funding in Q1 2022; 11 of them are hiring right now

In the past few years, several fintech companies have emerged in the Benelux region – The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The region has aligned itself with international fintech operations, with the Netherlands becoming one of the leading financial centres in Europe. 

Many of them  raised funding in Q1 2022,  and few of them are even hiring. Here’s a list of 16 such startups that raised capital. Some of them are hiring talents now. 

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Image credits: Yago


Founder/s: Tanguy Bocquet and Hugues Bocquet

HQ: Brussels

Funding in Q1, 2022: €2.2M

Yago (previously Seraphin) is the digital platform to simplify, optimise and manage online insurance and mortgage credit. Yago is in a hyper-growth phase and aims to grow 10 fold in the next 4 years.

Right now, the company is hiring across Engineering & IT, Marketing, Product Management, and others. You can explore vacancies here.

Image credits: Moove


Founder/s: Jide Odunsi, Oladipo Delano, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

HQ: Amsterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €94.3M

Netherlands-headquartered Moove is a mobility fintech company that provides vehicle financing to its customers and mobility entrepreneurs. 

The company embeds its alternative credit-scoring technology onto ride-hailing and e-logistics platforms, allowing access to proprietary performance and revenue analytics of mobility entrepreneurs to underwrite loans.

Moove, which is operational in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, runs flexible rental and lease models with partner drivers who can own the vehicles after agreed tenures.

Moove is looking to hire talents in various departments. Check out the list of vacancies here.

Image credits: in3


Founder/s: Hans Langenhuizen

HQ: Eindhoven

Funding in Q1, 2022: €10.1M

in3 is an Eindhoven-based Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) platform that offers consumers the ability to pay for purchases in three instalments at zero costs – no interest or transaction costs – and without credit registration. Since the company offers 60 days, registration in the credit registers is not required.

In March, the company raised $11.1M (approx €10.1M) in funding from Finch Capital to further develop its platform and invest in improving customer satisfaction through strategic hiring across the entire team.

Joost Walgemoed, CEO of Blanco | Image credit: Blanco


Founder/s: Bernadette Wijnings, Joost Walgemoed

HQ: Amsterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €3M 

Blanco develops technology for wealth managers that automates the entire wealth management process. The platform consists of a KYC and Compliance Suite as well as an Investment Suite, allowing asset managers to focus on client contact and advice efficiently. Blanco’s solutions are used by 150 financial institutions in six European countries. 

Last month, the company raised €3M from current investors and new industry experts to cement its position and further automate and scale up its operation.

Currently, Blanco is hiring for Product Owner, AWS Serverless Guru in Rotterdam, and Implementation Specialist in Amsterdam. Click here to apply. 

Image credits: Insify


Founder/s: Koen Thijssen

HQ: Amsterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €15M

Insify aims to transform business insurance by making it simpler, faster, and more affordable for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The company has developed an intuitive end-to-end digital customer journey that offers SMEs a business insurance quote in as little as two minutes. 

Leveraging data analytics, the company ensures that coverage is tailored and individually priced for each business. To date, the company is already protecting more than 1,500 small businesses in its initial market of the Netherlands.

In February, Insify raised €15M in a Series A round of funding led by global venture firm Accel. The company is hiring and you can check out vacancies here

Image credits: Waow


Founder/s: Jan Harboort

HQ: Berchem, Belgium

Funding in Q1, 2022: €4M

WAOW wants to have a positive impact on the payment market by developing green payment terminals, which give consumers an immediate 2 per cent discount on their purchase. 

Image credits: Buddy Payment

Buddy Payment

Founder/s: Camiel Kuiper, Marco van Etten, Ralph Oudshoorn

HQ: Rotterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €2.1M

Buddy Payment is an internet banking application created to help people with their banking affairs. The company has developed the Buddy app to support vulnerable Dutch people with their financial affairs, and thus prevent debts.

The Buddy app was developed in collaboration with professionals from municipalities, credit banks, and debt counselling organisations. Municipalities use the app as a scalable prevention tool in their fight against the growing debt problem.

Image credits: EMAsphere


Founder(s): Hugues Vandepeutte

HQ: Mont-Saint-Guibert

Funding in Q1, 2022: €14.5M

EMAsphere is a SaaS solution designed for CFOs wanting up-to-date reliable financial and operational data and analytics. 

The company’s platform offers assistance in accounting and operational information, and connects to specific systems and excel sheets. This enables businesses to access online dashboards that are updated daily to show the progress toward key performance indicators.

EMAsphere has four job openings, find the one that is right for you here. 

Image credits: Aividens


Founder/s: Edouard Beauvois, Nicolas Mertens

HQ: Auderghem, Belgium

Funding in Q1, 2022: €1.5M

Aividens is a credit risk management platform that helps companies reduce their bad debts and improve their cash flows through specific algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Besides assessing the condition of a company’s customers’ and prospects’ receivables portfolios in real-time, the platform also predicts their future, enabling them to make the right decision and set the right priorities for the short and medium-term.

Image credits: Onramper


Founder/s: Thijs Maas, Salah Abdelbaki, Maurits Dewina, Albert Acebrón

HQ: Amsterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €5.3M

Onramper aims to bridge the world of fiat and cryptocurrency by providing a gateway aggregator. As an aggregator, it provides access to all fiat gateways in one widget, which is free to use and fast to integrate. 

Through Onramper’s infrastructure, businesses and users can get instant access to more than 150 cryptocurrencies across 180+ countries and 20+ payment methods. 

In January, the company secured $6M (approx €5.3M) funding in a Seed Round led by EQT Ventures, with participation from Backed VC and TRGC.

Interested? You can explore vacancies here

Image credits: Moneytrans


Founder/s: Francisco Sanchez-Apellaniz, Jeremy DeSmet (current CEO)

HQ: Ixelles, Belgium 

Funding in Q1, 2022: €10.8M

Moneytrans is a cross-border payment company that serves migrants and offers the cheapest and most convenient way to transfer money, whether it’s to support family members or to pay for services overseas. 

Besides money transfer, the company also offers services such as FX solutions, bill payment, prepaid cards, mobile top-ups, and customised payment accounts in IBAN format associated with a debit card.

Moneytrans is hiring in Ghent and Brussels. Click here to apply. 

Image credirs: Secfi


Founder/s: Frederik Mijnhardt, Wouter Witvoet

HQ: Amsterdam

Funding in Q1, 2022: €635M

Secfi provides equity planning tools that are designed to help private company employees and shareholders make better financial decisions for their equity from offer to IPO. The platform also provides financing to help employees exercise options or unlock liquidity for important financial goals.

Check out the list of their vacancies here.

Image credits: Ngrave


Founder(s): Edouard Vanham, Ruben Merre, Xavier Hendrickx

HQ: Zonhoven, Belgium

Total funding: €5.8M

Ngrave is a digital asset security provider that offers security solutions for blockchain and crypto use cases. The company’s crypto hardware wallet “NGRAVE ZERO” features the highest security certification: EAL7. Currently, the company works with the world’s top tier in nano and chip technology, cryptography, and hardware security. 

Ngrave is hiring across various departments. Click here to apply. 

Image credits: Cake


Founder/s: Davy Kestens, Tom Claus, Jessica Ruelens, Pieter Schelfhout, Yves Bovin, Peter Van Hees

HQ: Hasselt, Belgium

Total funding: €10.5M

Cake wants to add value to companies, banks, and consumers by generating new revenue streams through processing financial transactions. 

The company’s app analyses spending habits and notifies about different bank charges, enabling customers to manage their finances and improve their financial well-being. For businesses, the app can help attract new customers and reward existing ones with targeted cashback discounts. 

Want to join the team? Click here to explore the vacancies. 

Image credits: Tokeny


Founder(s): Luc Falempin

HQ: Luxembourg

Total funding: €9.8M

Tokeny claims to allow financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly and seamlessly issue, transfer, and manage securities using distributed ledger technology, enabling them to improve asset liquidity. The company enables market participants to unlock advancements in the transferability and liquidity of financial instruments.

Tokeny is looking for innovative, talented people to join its team. Check out the jobs here.

Theodore Rozencwajg
Image Credit: D2X

D2X Group

Founder(s): Theodore Rozencwajg, Laetitia Grimaud, Don van der Krogt

HQ: North-Holland

Total funding: €4.9M

D2X Group provides financial institutions with a capital-efficient and clean exposure to the asset class while mitigating operational and regulatory risks. It claims to offer a plug-and-play solution with a robust risk management model and a reliable trading interface.

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