You are currently viewing 2 electric motorcycles covered 13,500+ km across India in 54 days

2 electric motorcycles covered 13,500+ km across India in 54 days

The grand challenge of riding across the country on electric motorcycles, with a targeted distance of over 13,500 kilometres, has now come to an end with new learnings and a greater appreciation for India’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

The StartupNRev BharatMala, a joint initiative of seven collaborators—Orxa Energies, SpareIT, Pothole Raja, Charzer, BrigadeREAP, SpiceRoute Legal, and YourStory—decided to burn the rubber on two electric motorcycles. 

On February 4, bike enthusiasts, John Kuruvilla and Gautam Khot, along with a dedicated support team, began their journey. Fifty-four days later, they have returned with a treasure trove of stories. 

BharatMala was not just an initiative to showcase the prowess of electric vehicles (EVs). The aim was to encourage students of various educational institutions along the way to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

“What amazed us is the energy in smaller towns. We engaged with over 6,000 students, who were delighted to meet us and the mentors from the EV ecosystem. Genuine ideas, genuine product stories, and genuine challenges is what we saw,” John says. Read more

Editor’s Pick: Inflection Point Ventures 

Gurugram-based Inflection Point Ventures, which has backed the likes of BharatPe and MilkBasket, is planning to double its investments by September-end or the start of October 2022.  

In 2021, the firm invested across 50-55 deals and said it would keep its numbers constant in 2022, expecting startup investments in India to cool down. Read more.

Credit: YourStory Design

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“Every entrepreneur must have a strong sense of business purpose before getting into entrepreneurship. Don’t get into things just for the sake of it.”

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon

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