3 Essential Online Marketing Strategies for Hotels in 2021

The hospital industry has taken quite a beating since the coronavirus reached our shoes. The industry has lost about $21 billion so far. However, as vaccines reach more and more people, it’s safe to say there’s light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel.

As a hotel owner, you’re lucky to be still in business. The worst is behind us, but if you’re to return your establishment to profitability, you need to up your marketing game.

Are you ready to learn how you can use online marketing to drive bookings and give your hotel an advantage? We’ve got all the information you need, so keep reading!

1. Revamp Your Hotel Website

If you don’t have a website for your hotel in 2021, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. We’re living at a time when an increasing number of people are booking hotel stays online, so if you don’t have a website with booking features, you’re behind the times.

And, if you already have a hotel website, chances are it’s been forever since you gave it a revamp. Revamping your business website isn’t just about updating its design and making it look easier on the eye. It’s also about updating it to the current SEO standards.

A properly optimized hotel website has a high chance of showing up on top of search engine results when users search terms that your website is trying to rank for.

While at it, the booking process shouldn’t be complicated. If users need to make several clicks before they can successfully book a room, you’re doing it wrong. An easy, seamless online booking experience is key to increasing bookings.

2. Run an Active Blog

Have you ever gone online to look for travel tips or recommendations on the best places to visit? If yes, you certainly came across helpful blog posts, some published by hotels.

Blogging is an effective online marketing strategy. It not only allows you to provide helpful information to potential guests but also gives you a good chance of converting them into your guests.

Plus, blogging can help you build brand authority. As long as you’re crafting quality content, gradually your hotel’s blog will become the go-to site for travel information.

3. Don’t Ignore Social Media

Does your hotel have a presence on social media?

Maybe you have a Facebook page where you post sporadically. Or perhaps your hotel is super active on Instagram.

You need to have a proper social media marketing strategy. Focusing on one platform isn’t going to yield the best results. Depending on your target audience, your hotel needs to be active on a number of social medial channels.

Just as you have a content strategy for your blog, you need a similar strategy for your social channels. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t fret. You can hire a digital agency that specializes in hotel internet marketing and leave everything to them.

Embrace Online Marketing for Hotels

The hotel industry is fiercely competitive and the coronavirus has made life even tougher. Reopening successfully and running a profitable establishment could as well come down to the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. Use the tips fleshed out above to design and implement your strategy.

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