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3 Foolproof Ways to Improve Employee Morale

The thought of getting up in the morning to go to work can inspire a variety of emotions depending on how much we enjoy being there. 

The daily ins and outs may vary for all of us, however, all if can see a cloud descending upon our office whenever we are in eyeshot then those in management need to work hard to improve employee morale.

Productivity and employee morale go hand in hand importantly for your business can even cost your company millions of dollars

If you are in the position to make a difference in your organization keep on reading to find out the best 3 ways to improve employee morale.  

1. Open the Doors of Communication 

A surefire way to achieve low morale in an office is a lack of communication. When employees feel disconnected from company decisions it can make them feel like nothing more than a cog in the corporate machine. It can be equally detrimental for management, as they miss out on vital feedback and direction from the very people who will need to put into action any plans drawn up. 

If you do not have it as a habit already, then improve employee morale by aiming to be more transparent. If something is going to change, let staff know sooner rather than later. In doing so you may find that the general reaction is not as positive as you may have thought. Knowing this early allows any changes to happen without throwing your goals off course. 

In addition, you can gain valuable feedback through upbuilding one-to-one sessions, or even office surveys. Doing this shows that your door is always open, a key aspect of improving employee morale.

2. Recognize a Job Well Done

While communication is important, you can’t afford a pat on the back and conversation by the water cooler to be the only way your staff knows that they are doing a good job.    

Having something tangible that employees know they will be rewarded with will improve employee morale tenfold. In one study, 85% of employees said having such an incentive was a primary motivating factor for getting up in the morning.

While it may be easy to think that more money would be the most effective way to get staff onside, there are other cost-effective ways how to boost employee morale. One such way is making use of employee reward programs where staff can access perks at their whim. Companies like Axomo allow for staff to pick items that they wish and take the pressure off companies to set up and arrange it all.

3. A Time to Work and a Time to Play

Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, more of a spotlight has been shone on maintaining a work/life balance. 

Whereas in the past doing countless amounts of overtime was a clear way for managers to identify those who were dedicated to the cause, it is now clear to see that excessive pressure only leads to burnout and by extension low employee morale. 

Offering flexitime, reminding staff of their holiday entitlements, and setting clear guidance on contact outside of work hours can do wonders to improve employee morale. These changes will mean nothing however if they are not being followed by management. Therefore, make sure that you are setting a good example in doing so and you will be sure to see employee morale skyrocket.

Strive to Improve Employee Morale

Your staff are the backbone of your success, therefore, any efforts you make to improve their working experience will only be beneficial for you. So make it a constant goal to improve employee morale whether your work environment is vibrant or needs improvement. 

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