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3 Great Workplace Benefits to Offer Your Employees

In a post-pandemic era, the workforce has seen a collective shift in priorities. 

A work-life balance is now at the forefront of many people’s lives, particularly office workers who have experience remote working and the benefits that the setup confers. This means for employers, the market is more competitive than ever and employee retention requires more than Casual Fridays and team-building exercises. 

A strong benefits program can be highly motivating for your staff – not only does it bring fresh perks to their job, but benefits which are truly useful and enriching will help them feel valued and well-cared for. If you’re looking for ways to boost your staff perk program, check out these three great workplace benefits to take care of your team. 

1. Funded outings 

No one likes forced fun. 

But despite our previous dig at team building, work events can be enjoyable, and an opportunity to bring your team closer together. 

If you’re not sure what everyone might enjoy, ask them! Something as simple as dinner on the company account together after work or a few drinks at the local can really help everyone to relax and build better interpersonal relationships with one another. 

For a little added excitement, an escape room or crazy golfing experience is certain to capture imaginations! But the bottom line is that no matter what you choose, team building shouldn’t bore your team – it should inspire their enthusiasm and bring them closer together. 

2. Healthcare

Thankfully, we live in a country where healthcare is free at the point of use. 

But unfortunately, this can come with lengthy waiting times. A private health program, even if it offers only a few fast-track benefits, can make all the difference in ensuring your staff are feeling their best, both mentally and physically. 

Even something as simple as a workplace Covid testing program can help your employees to feel safer. And if they are required to travel internationally for work at all, this is even more imperative. If you require Covid workplace testing, Medical Diagnosis may be able to assist with fast turnarounds in their testing times. 

3. Flexibility 

It seems that we’re in the golden era of flexible working. And yet unfortunately, many businesses are yet to truly embrace it. 

But it can be the factor that makes all the difference. Whether it’s the freedom to start (and finish) a little earlier or just being able to pop out for an hour for an appointment, granting your employees flexibility demonstrates trust, as well as an innate respect for their personal lives. 

Workplace benefits are just one way to keep your employees happy, but they can go a long way to making them feel valued and cared for. 

How do you keep your team motivated? Let us know in the comments below.

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