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4 Clever Ways to Boost Your Business Curb Appeal

Business is more than a product or service. Other fundamental things that make up a business include reputation, employees, innovation levels, customer care services, social platforms and many others. 

No matter the industry you’re in, one thing’s for sure, your business needs a welcoming aura to keep the existing consumer base happy and attract new clients as well.

Below are some of the best ways to boost your business curb appeal that will keep the customers coming.

Start With the Interior

How your business looks on the inside has a significant impact on its pull factor on the market. No one wants to transact in an unappealing environment.

Incorporating interior design tactics into your working space, like placing commercial wall covering for high traffic spaces at strategic points will improve the curb appeal.

Utilizing the available space with the business confines will also help make your premises look more appealing. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big room to attract customers; instead, use the following tips to make the most of your available space.


Do a business survey, going through various items carefully separating those you want from those you need. You’ll often find a lot of unnecessary clutter lying around that hinders workplace productivity and makes your spaces look small.

Dispose off, donate or recycle the items you don’t need, and you’ll begin to realize a significant increase in space.

Go Paperless

Upgrading your office space doesn’t always mean getting modern or fancy gadgets. Such equipment is right for the business and simple acts like going paperless guarantee better use of the available space.

Promote a paper-free environment within the company by only allowing the essential documents and contracts to occupy the room.

Use the Common Areas

Whether your business has small offices or uses a cubicle layout, it is normal to feel cramped after a while. Using familiar places in your organization like the conference room or any other available space is the right way of maximizing space.

Allow Natural Light

While some businesses prefer opaque glass films, you should instead embrace more natural lighting by opting for the transparent type. Proper illumination of specific areas within the business makes it feel and look more spacious.

Overhaul Your Exterior

Although many companies focus on making the interior look more professional, it is the exterior that first wins prospective clients’ hearts. An outdoor place with the proper aesthetic value is always a welcome to clients.

The more your business gains traction, the bigger the traffic it commands; as such, you must actively keep your surroundings looking good by:

Installing a Quality Driveway

If you’re looking to attract the best clientele in the market, your premises needs a quality driveway that can accommodate different sets of cars.

Performing routine maintenance on the driveway once it develops cracks or potholes saves you the cost of inserting a new one while also paints a positive picture of the business.

Add some Green

While your business doesn’t need a whole forest to look appealing, planting greenery in specific compound sections is a good look for the business.

Place a few plants or trees near the entrance and install healthy flowers by the gate as a way of wooing customers.

Focus on the Windows

Windows, however small they are, influence the outlook of your business. Smeared, grubby, rotten, and peeling away windows often deteriorate the business curb appeal. 

As such, regular cleaning of the panes, frames, and hinges is vital to keeping the premises smart and attractive.Replace broken windows or chipped off panes to maintain the best curb appeal.


Colors are an essential aspect of every business. The best mix of visual coloration captures the attention of potential clients from the outside.

Boost business curb appeal through the color on display by:

  • Using interesting patterns
  • Incorporating striking letters
  • Emphasizing on the business Culture and Heritage
  • Including popular characters

Regular Cleaning

Due to constant exposure to the natural elements, the business compound often gets dirty. Leaves, plastic, and other forms of dirt tend to interfere with the outlook once it accumulates.

Ridding your property from such garbage by regularly sweeping the driveway and washing the sidewalks helps keep the mood tranquil and serene. Customers feel more inclined to associate with a clean and healthy environment.

Take Advantage of the Online Presence

Although having a physical presence is essential, it is not a requirement to run a successful business. Many businesses are making it big just by operating online.

While your company may have an address, many customers today prefer transacting with businesses that have a robust online presence as well.

In fact, before visiting a store, most potential clients admit to doing a quick search of the business on Facebook and Instagram before making any final purchase decisions.

Through the reviews left by other customers, such clients immediately develop trust or distrust for the business.

Make your business more appealing online by:

Keeping your Website Active

After a simple search online, consumers often find a wealth of information regarding you or your business. A fast and active website is always welcoming to clients as it reduces the time they spend loading or opening your site.

Boost your business visibility by incorporating useful SEO tactics that guarantee a reliable flow of traffic.

Being Social

Through your social media accounts, you can interact with the existing consumer base while you still fish for clients from the broader online pool.

Create content geared towards helping and prompting user reactions in different ways. For example, you can host a live session on one of your accounts to answer questions or solve immediate client problems.

If you want to build more credibility with your customers, maintain an active presence, and be quick when handling their pertinent issues via any of these platforms.

Build an Email List

Email remains one of the most intricate ways of conversing with your customers. Without spending a fortune, email allows you to interact, engage and inform your clients of new arrivals, discounts, and product benefits.

To get the consumers’ email addresses, you must first present an irresistible situation where they have no choice but to sign up.

For example, you can offer a discount for specific products on the first one hundred customers who subscribe to your email list.

Use Paid Ads

Sometimes your business may not receive the attention it deserves because you’re targeting the wrong people. Sourcing for targeted advertisement from Instagram, Facebook, or any other credible site helps appeal to suitable masses and thus realize a significant gain.

Improve Logo Visibility

In many ways, the lack of clear signage in a business is often problematic. Perhaps an individual who got the premises address online decides to visit. With no signs or logo on display, it can be challenging for this person to locate the business.

When they do, it is often after too many trials and errors, which impacts how a customer views your business. 

Create a well-defined logo for your business to make it easily locatable through the following tips:

Get Inspiration

The idea of a perfectly crafted logo doesn’t come naturally. Instead, it is the result of continuous research that you receive inspiration for your business logo.

Use logos from popular brands like Coca Cola and Nike to come up with an appropriate logo. Ensure it is unique and patterned to avoid having any legal tussle with these companies.

Use a Suitable Font

If you want people to quickly locate your business from miles away, use the appropriate font type. Even if you lack any graphic design skills, you can make the best logo for your business by using Google’s resources when choosing between fonts.

In any case, sticking to standard and reliable fonts like Times new roman or sans serifs will help boost visibility.

Get the Color Right

Color often speaks of the business personality, and it plays a huge role in brand recognition. For example, when you see the bright red color in a logo, Coca Cola immediately comes to your mind.

Picking the right colors makes your business synonymous with the population in the market. Always use bright and bold colors like orange and yellow in your logo, and remember to keep it simple and direct. 

Avoid introducing too many color versions, as this only sends a message of confusion.

Consider the following factors before enhancing your business appeal

The Market

Understand the type of people who reside near your business premises and consider their tastes and preferences before choosing the best ways to look more appealing.

The Business

Study your competitors and learn the different ways they boost their appealing nature and use this information to come up with a better attractive strategy.

Business Position in the Market

Consider the perception people have of your business. Perhaps they see it as only a profit-making machine that doesn’t care about community welfare. Investigate the narrative the populous have of your company and use counter methods to change the negative aspects.

Business is all about attracting new customers while also keeping the existing ones satisfied. Boost your company’s curb appeal by re-designing the interior, beautifying the exterior, maintaining an active online presence, and improving logo visibility.

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