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4 Lessons CEOs Can Take From Popular Business Books

The ability to adapt to circumstances has always set the best entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the flock. Great entrepreneurs know enough to embrace change and diversity and focus their energy on enhancing their competitive advantage. A business owner understands that nurturing diversity guarantees a rich pool of ideology and talent- a proven recipe for positive change.  

There are many ways to strengthen the potential of your team. Nonetheless, allowing the team access to good books has a holistic effect on their reasoning, guaranteeing your business long-term success. For profit’s sake, there are fantastic books with valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. For growth’s sake, however,  business owners ought to learn these four lessons from the best business books of all times.

1.  Treat People Right, and Business will Treat you Right

Leadership & Self Deception by Arbinger Institute brings out the importance of being good to people and how this can work to your advantage as a business owner. Every member of your workforce, despite their racial affiliation, expects to be treated right and will respect you for being respectful.  Moreover, being in your clients’ right books is a sure way to get high business ratings and an attractive client base.

2.  Let Your Employees Explore their Full Potential

 At optimal performance, everyone feels good about themselves. As a business owner, Paul Kalanithi shows why you need to empower your workforce in his book ‘What Breathes Becomes Air.’ He points out that unless one can realize their full potential, they cannot find happiness. Business owners, therefore, ought to make it possible for everyone in their command to work undeterred towards their goals. This way, everyone is productive, which is good for business.

3.  Go for the Ideology, Not the Individual

History has shown that anyone can help humanity progress if allowed the chance;-This is the point to take home for business owners, from Dune by Frank Herbert. Frank holds that to refuse allies who show interest in your purpose is to choose a path of doom. As an entrepreneur, you should be careful when creating alliances to avoid sidelining individuals based on their racial or other differences. Go for individuals who identify with your business goals and are willing to work with you.    

4.  You are the Shepherd-Take Good Care of your Flock

In The Way of the Shepherd by  Kevin Leman and William Pentak, you can learn the importance of protecting every individual’s interests in your team. A shepherd cannot be discriminatory when tending his/her flock. The authors recommend that you help your team members identify with you while creating a conducive working environment for everyone. This way, you can get your team to work towards the right goals and help everyone feel appreciated.  

The future of humanity depends on utilizing the abilities of every individual, despite their racial affiliation. Progress calls for a change of perspective, from differentiation to total inclusivity. For business owners, change means working on your mindset and those of your team members. These lessons from four of the best business books of all times will help change your perspective and make the business world habitable for everyone.

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