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4 Office Construction Steps You Should Take

In March 2021, United States’ construction spending reached 1.5 billion dollars. Because this industry is opening back up and people are starting to work in person again, this is a great time to create an office building employees are eager to revisit. 

Imagining a new, productive space is exciting, but the process of turning it into a reality is not an easy one. There are a lot of people involved, and office construction usually takes longer than expected. 

If you’ve never renovated or excavated a commercial building before, there are a handful of tips you should know before breaking ground. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

1. Create a Specific Design Plan

Perhaps your company has grown, and your current space doesn’t have enough room for all your employees, or you need more storage space for equipment. Whatever the reason, make sure you create a detailed plan, writing down which updates are a priority. If you need to make adjustments, you don’t want the most needed renovations to get tossed.

2. Make a Budget and a Backup Budget

Once you know what’s getting installed in your new office, you can calculate the cost and compare it to your budget. As part of the budget-making process, you should research which brands have the most durable products to prevent you from replacing them shortly. 

If you are renovating your building, don’t be afraid to break up updates to avoid overspending. Reference your design plan and tackle those priority tasks before making any other changes. 

While you want to stick to your main budget as best as possible, consider creating a backup. One of the many reasons why contingency budgets are crucial is that material prices can fluctuate. Instead of scrambling to cover the costs, you can tap into your extra savings. 

3. Research Office Construction Contractors

Before hiring a contractor, look up a few in your area to see if they specialize in renovating or excavating commercial spaces. You want to know if they’ve completed jobs similar to yours and if their customers were satisfied with their work. While some contractors post testimonies on their website, you should ask for a list of references to get other customers’ opinions straight from them. 

4. Apply For Permits 

Every state has a different approach to building permits. You’ll need to fill out applications for approval to build a new office and those come with fees. 

Because there are so many underground pipes and wires, you’ll also need to call 811 to get approval to dig on that property. They want to know what methods you plan on using, like hydro excavation, to prevent you from accidentally damaging them. 

Start Building an Organized and Productive Office

The more time you spend planning your office construction process, the less stressful it will be. Put together a management team for the project and hire a highly qualified contractor to help you reach your desired outcome. 

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