4 Ways Of Keeping Up-To-Date With Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Just like anything else in the technology world, digital marketing and social media strategies change with a blink of an eye. What worked yesterday, has no guarantee of working today. To keep up with the volatile changes you need systems that make it possible for you to easily follow what is happening in your industry. To help you out, here are 4 ways of keeping up with what is happening:

Monthly publications

Many companies have monthly publications that contain plenty of professional information. The publications usually come in print or online. The cool thing with online publications is that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Most of the publications also come at a small fee or sometimes for free. To get the publications you only need to register with the publishing company. To reap the benefits of the publications you have to read them. When signing up, always take time to research the authors and the reputation of publishing company.

Digital marketing shows and event exhibitions

Digital marketing has been widely accepted and its non uncommon to find digital marketing shows. In addition to marketers networking, the marketers also share their successes and the strategies that they are using to achieve their success. Most of the events are advertised on websites, social media and sometimes on television and Radio. All you need to do is keep your ears open.

Watch your competitors

There is no industry where you won’t have competition. If there is someone that is doing way better than you, you should closely monitor his/her marketing techniques. If your competitor is a large organization, befriend one of the employees and get a report on the strategies that the organization uses in marketing.

Forums, groups and discussion boards

You can learn plenty from social media groups such as Facebook, Linkedln and others. Reddit, warrior forum, and thousands of other forums are gold mines. You only need to find a group or forum that is ideal for your industry. In addition to learning what others are sharing, also participate in them by sharing your experiences. If there is someone that wants your help, give your all to help.


These are some of the ways of keeping yourself up-to-date with the trends in your industry. Not all of the ways will be ideal for you; therefore, you should research and find the ones that work with you.


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