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5 Booming Post-Pandemic Business Areas

As well as its massive impact on public health, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on many businesses around the world, with the knock-on effect impacting countless owners and employees.

But businesses in certain sectors have survived and others have actually thrived. For instance, according to stats from the UK Office for National Statistics, chemists and supermarkets traded above pre-pandemic levels, the camping sub-industry flourished and sales of hardware, paints and glass remained steady.

As we gradually enter the new normal, let’s take a look at five business areas hoping to boom

1. PPE

You’ll be well aware that many nations had problems providing medical staff and the general public with requisite PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at various points in the pandemic. 

Even when Covid-19 is under control, any firm which can supply quality masks, gloves and other PPE in bulk in order for governments and health services to feel better prepared in future can profit.

2. Online meeting apps

Love them or loathe them, with many businesses which have navigated the pandemic storm choosing to keep their staff remote permanently, virtual video meetings are here to stay.

By March 2021, Zoom revenues had seen a 326% year over year increase, but there will always be opportunities for clever app developers who can make online meetings more user-friendly and hassle-free. 

3. Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, as we spend more time (and money) online, hackers are lurking to take advantage of anyone whose electronic virus protection and cyber-awareness is lacking.

So cybersecurity firms are benefiting from helping individuals, organisations and governments defend themselves, as experts like CyberOff can attest. 

4. DIY

While we’ve all been enduring lockdowns of different degrees, we’ve also been turning our hands to home improvements.

And this is good news for DIY stores – according to Statista, there’s been a 47.1% year-on-year increase in sales of paint, a 31.4% increase for building materials and a whopping 48.2 increase for plants, seeds and bulbs. 

5. Luxury décor

As some global travel restrictions are likely to remain for some time, it might take a while before holidaymakers feel confident booking foreign trips again. 

With that (and the aforementioned boost in DIY) in mind, luxury upholstery and furniture suppliers like SM London are hoping that customers with the wherewithal will invest more in those elegant home décor touches that give homes a certain je ne sais quoi and make domestic staycations comfy.

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