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5 Business Benefits of Incorporating Animation in Your Brand Strategy

According to research, visual presentations affect our brains in a more dominating manner than text. A recent study found that 53% of consumers engage with a company after watching their video adverts on social media.

Who doesn’t love animated films and cartoons? The fascinating storyline and engaging characters make animated videos more appealing to a greater audience. Today, marketers are taking advantage of people’s love for these videos to advertise their brands.

The brands use animated funny doodles, GIFs, and explainer videos with relatable characters to catch their audience’s attention. Incorporating animation in business will help you reach a broader audience.

So why do people use animation in business marketing strategies? Below are five key benefits every brand should know.

1. Animated Videos Are Easy to Comprehend

Animated videos make everything sound and look easy. With a persuasive plot, the description is easy to follow and understand. Not to mention the appealing cartoon characters that make the videos even more enjoyable and enchanting.

Charming animated videos use the help of relatable visuals to help your brand retain all the crucial information. It also ensures that this information stays in your targeted audience’s minds for longer periods of time. This way, your audience will have a better understanding of your brand, and it will be easier for them to remember the message.

Below are tips on how to make your animated videos easy to remember and understand:

Keep the Storyline Fun

If your story arouses some emotions in your target audience, they are more likely to remember the message. They are also more likely to share your video if it’s funny. Ensure you create a story that incorporates funny things without undervaluing your main message.

Keep It Very Short

Everyone hates watching longer advertisement videos. Ensure your video is precise and direct to the point. Use the first few seconds to capture the audience’s attention.

Use Characters That Generate Empathy

The main point of using a video to market your brand is to generate feelings from the viewers. There is no powerful emotion than empathy. Create a captivating story revolving around your main character and how your brand has successfully solved its problems.

Use Educative Content

Most people prefer content that enlightens them. Your animated video should connect your industry’s keywords and highlight your ideas to make learning easier.

2. Viewers of All Ages Watch Animations

Animated videos and cartoons are extremely versatile. They can appeal to individuals of all ages, from children to millennials to baby boomers. Including animation in marketing strategies will increase a brand’s chances of reaching a bigger audience.

Creating a marketing campaign that reaches a bigger audience is essential, especially in today’s market. That’s because every brand is fighting to get new potential clients in a marketplace that’s getting more competitive every day.

3. Creating Animated Videos Is Budget-Friendly

Animated videos and cartoons are more affordable compared to real-life videos and images. That’s because live-action videos require fancy equipment and a bigger budget to make the videos look professionals and capture the essence of the advertisement.

There are numerous software tools available online such as Introbrand, which can help you create captivating animated videos. Use the below steps to make animated videos for your brand:

  • Look for a powerful animation maker
  • Choose your preferred template for your animated video
  • Synchronize and animate your characters
  • Add a voice-over or a music track to relay your message
  • Share, publish and download your created animated video

Thanks to the many online platforms, you can easily create your animated video without basic design skills. Most of these tools are easy to use and offer a step-by-step guide.

4. Animated Videos Help You Avoid Hard-Selling Ads

An animated video is precise, straight to the point, and will have a catchy storyline. All your industry jargon will be strategically placed in the reverting yet compelling story. This minimizes the hard-selling aspect of many ads that most audiences find irritating and annoying.

No one wants to sit around for hours at a time watching dull and boring adverts. Thanks to the story-telling ability of animations, they don’t feel like boring adverts. Instead, most audiences feel like they are watching an interesting story that they can relate to.

Remember to include visual elements that will display your brand’s identity throughout the video. You can do this by integrating your brand’s colors in the video. This sets an integrated aesthetic tone, making your video more appealing.

You can also use logos and brand statements at the beginning of the video or before displaying your products or services. This will ensure your viewers associate the products and services with your brand. 

5. Animated Videos Will Help Boost Your Conversion Rates

Animations will keep your target audience engaged while nudging them towards making a purchase. With every new purchase, your business increases its profits. This is one of the key uses of animation in business.

Animations and graphics-oriented videos posted on a landing page or your social media pages could increase your engagement rate. This is irrespective of whether you’re selling clothes, shoes, or books.

Animated videos posted on social media receive an immersive response from users. That’s because the voice-over and the characters keep most people engaged. Most internet and social media users spend a lot of their time online watching animated and graphics-based videos.  

Keeping your target audience engaged and coming back to your site is essential for revenue creation. Animated videos will easily perform this task. That’s because they offer a greater chance of capturing your prospective customer’s attention.

Remember to Incorporate Animation in Business Marketing Strategies

Animated videos are very effective in brand development and marketing tools. They use your logo, company colors, and brand images to boost brand awareness and sell your products.

Including animation in business marketing strategies will effectively promote your services while keeping your target audience entertained. While not every animated video will go viral, these videos will capture your audience’s attention increasing engagement.

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