5 Pro Secrets On E-Agriculture Online Selling

5 Pro Secrets On E-Agriculture Online Selling

We have discussed the basic steps you should take as you make your farming business competitive in the online domain, through our Pinduoduo E-Agriculture posts. But how about steps to bring you significant results? Here are 5 more measures to flourish your farming business. Practical and results-based.


1. Value

What is the value of your products as a whole? The value of your brand? Of your enterprise? “Value” is among the key components of an E-Agriculture business that will help it stand out in the game of online advertising, online marketing, and online selling. 

Let your viewers, a.k.a. your potential customers have an idea of what your farming business is about and why it is worth their while. Be smart with the tools you are to use for your website and social media business pages. Have your SEO and web design team include content in said platforms. Constantly update your content with a diverse set of topics, from that which are informational and that which are emotional (about your business-story). 

Don’t forget about other media content like photos and videos, which can enhance the content you’ll be posting and publishing online… on a consistent basis. 

2. Don’t Stick To One Online Channel 

There are several E-Agriculture platforms that advocate farmers and small-scale suppliers of agricultural products at a very minimal fee. But don’t lock in only on these. Diversify your selling channels on the web. Besides searching for other similar platforms, try channels that aren’t solely focused on E-Ag as well. We are talking about regular online shopping streams. 

Additionally, work with your SEO and web design team to set up your own website (and regularly maintain it). Surveys show that consumers trust and 

And let us not forget your social media pages. Close to 40% of online shoppers visit online shops because of related posts they came across on social media. And a large percentage of the same have said that they trust shops that are listed on reputable shopping platforms or have their own updated websites. 

3. Make Purchasing Easy-Peasy

Constant pop-ups. Notification dings. The need to register before emptying your cart to check out. A lengthy sign-up process. You name it. All of these are deterrents for potential customers as they don’t point to user-friendliness. 

These are no-nos in online selling, whether in E-Agriculture or otherwise. You can tell your web design team to lay-off putting pop-ups and complicated registering instructions, amongst other just-as-complicated measures. 

Page or site navigation be should straightforward and a piece of cake.

4. Offers, Discounts, Vouchers, And More 

Small to mid-sized farmers may find it difficult to come up with a business strategy regarding providing discounts and discount vouchers at near-frequent intervals.

However, fret not. Business analysts say that you won’t need to put up 50%-off discounts to make this a success. You can do that for surpluses. Or if profits are rising and your business will have you earn much even by giving out large discounts and offers. 

Sit with your team to conduct a brainstorming session. Decide on the frequency of disseminating promotional discounts, and what percentage will still have you gaining in profit. 

5. Limited Stocks At A Certain Price 

This has more to do with the law of supply and demand. Every now and then, when you are able to harvest seasonal produce that’s limited in number, use that as your marketing invite. That they’re “limited” or available only until supplies last. Utilizing the sense of urgency has been a book-strategy of old which continues to see great results to this day. 

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