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5 Reasons All Companies Should Use WANs

Why not create a Wide Area Network between the various branches of your company? You’ll not only save money, but you’d be increasing the efficiency of your workers too. Read ahead to find out about the advantages of this.

Wide Area Network

Improved Privacy

If you have a large company, you probably have many competitors. You could have rivals sending attackers to infiltrate your company’s data. The internet is public, so this is quite possible. Wide Area Networks are secure, as data is being tunneled through your servers exclusively. There is very little risk of anyone infiltrating your data. This is especially true if you place a thorough firewall – you might have to pay extra for this, though.

You could take it up a notch and install an Intruder Detection System. Whenever an attack is detected, you’d be warned. And the system would work to counter the intruders.

Superior Speed

How far apart are your company’s offices? You’d want data to be sent to and fro quite fast. The internet can be slow, as you might be making use of limited bandwidth. WANs consist of leased lines – you won’t have to share bandwidth the thousands of others in the area.

Better Support

When using a regular internet service provider, you’ll likely be dealing with customer support that wasn’t intended for businesses. Most people that use WANs have businesses, so WAN providers have support teams that would be helpful.

As they’re around exclusively to help companies, their support teams tend to work all day.

Speaking of better support, you’ll deal with less issues too. Wide Area Network providers make sure that their servers have incredible uptime rates. The icing on the cake is the fact that they offer unlimited monthly data transfers too.

Centralized IT infrastructure

Running a business is not easy, especially if it’s large. You can save time and money by getting hold of a WAN. How so? Having a Wide Area Network results in a common IT infrastructure, so you won’t have to buy file servers or emails for each of your offices.

All you need is one data center. You have to be careful, though. It needs to be made from the best parts, to ensure that it would work smoothly. Take a look at HP servers, they are the most trusted.

You’d have to splurge on switches too. This would be how the computers and devices in the LAN would connect. IT Yuda – Cisco switches are good choices. However, the more expensive ones can be pricey.

No ISDN Circuits

ISDNs cost a lot. They are Integrated Services Digital Networks. You’d need them to run the phones, and you’ll need one for each of your offices.

You might be thinking that using the phones on a Wide Area Network would cause their quality to drop, but this is not the case. WAN providers have kept this in mind, offering features to better the quality of calls.

Let’s sum things up. Having a Wide Area Network between each of your offices is a smart move. The data passed through would be secure. The process would be fast as well – you won’t be sharing bandwidth with others.

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