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5 Social Media Marketing Tips –

The first step is a lead generation by gathering data. How do you gather data? And what is data?

What’s the data that you should be gathering? Let me break this down for you. Your objective in using social media, if it’s to sell, you should not be chasing followers, or likes or impressions, otherwise known as vanity metrics need, to be doing is capturing email addresses, and phone numbers.

There’s a couple of ways.

You can set up a landing page. And you can set up a landing page for your website. So someone goes to your website, and then they say they input their information, they can get something in return, whether it’s any eBook or a white paper, or an exclusive video, whatever that exclusivity is, you want to make sure that someone has to come first, and in return, you’re getting something out of it.

So what happens when you set up this landing page? Well, you can then remark it to your Facebook ad, or by sending an email out to potential customers. Don’t lose sight of phone numbers.

Phone numbers, now become valuable for remarketing through SMS or text message marketing. There’s a platform that I personally use called Super phone.

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So when you collect phone numbers through Super bowl, you can rebroadcast out and guess what, you’re now bypassing the social media superhighway, and you’re able to get your message in front of people directly on their cell phone. But in order to do any form of remarketing, whether it’s email addresses, or phone numbers,
to gather data, not followers.

Just text message marketing platform that I recommend for text message marketing is super cool. There’s an interview that I did a couple of years ago with Ryan Leslie, founder of super phone that was really insightful. And ever since then I started using super phone in combination with social media. So if you look at my Instagram account, you’ll see there’s a button on Instagram for you to send me a text directly.

Now what happens when you send me a text? It’s a new text back the landing page form. Do you see where I’m going with this once you fill out that landing page form, or email address, I have your URL on Twitter, I have all the information I need including your phone number in order to follow up with you. So think of social media and email marketing and SMS marketing, all being married together.

There’s not just one platform that you use, but you need to use all of these platforms in combination with social media being the feeder source, getting the data that you need. Step three, private messaging on WhatsApp.

And let’s face it social media today is noisy as and your objective as someone that uses social media in their business is you have to find ways to break through that noise and stand out the staying along the same lines.
As email addresses or phone numbers. Think about setting up a private on slack for WhatsApp for your super fans. Bigger, more connected fans, only you’re using some sort of social listening tool that you can easily use
identify who these fans and the supporters are.

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Once you’ve done that, then you invite them over to your own private experience by doing this meaning by creating a group on slack or on WhatsApp, you’re able to bypass all the noise, all the self promotion, all the flexing that’s occurring every single second of the day on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Step four, gather Intel or set up listening feeds. Let me break this down for you make it really easy. I’m a public speaker. So I get
conferences. How am I going to find out what conferences for speakers it’s really similar to Twitter.

I type in all four speakers now you can save that feed and you can go back to that feed you
Real Time any minute of the day, and you can see who’s updating the beats. So my case is the speaker as soon as I see that there’s a new helper speaker
Tweet. I then go and I apply to be back conference.

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Real Estate Agent. You can set up beads for the city that you do business in.
And certain key phrases or terms like looking to buy a house in Houston or moving to Vancouver.

The key is that you’re using social networks as search engines. So once you gain the Intel, now you can effectively communicate with your prospects. Step five is used
Jimmy, what I really liked about Jimmy is that you don’t have to have a big grandiose presence on any social network. You just have to have the right gifts.

On Jiffy for people to use in their content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Now why are people using chips
It’s simple to spice up and add a little humor work to their content so provided that you have the right mix of justice SR a my account has all sorts of different animations expressions.

I’m also using Jiffy to promote my book then the marketing as long as you have your juice in the Jiffy library. Anyone on the social networks has access to your content.
So think about this, if you’re searching for ways to grow tack into Facebook’s 2 billion user ecosystem, 1 billion users on Instagram, or 300 million users
on Twitter, this is the easiest hack.

Your content should be sit back and let others know
These are five tips to help you become a better social media marketer in 2020, but if you notice, I didn’t
tell you how to become a better marketer in YouTube or Facebook or Twitter. And the reason for that
Because these five tips can be implemented across the board on every social network, or you can use them as standalone strategies as well.


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