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5 Ways a cloud VPN keeps remote teams safe and secure

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that we can get just as much done while wearing sweatpants at home. It does confront companies with new challenges. How to keep devices, data and networks safe? A Cloud VPN offers a solution. Here’s why.

Working from home, here to stay

Dropbox, Coinbase, Square Enix, Basecamp, Quora. Household names in tech have adopted a remote-only or remote-first working strategy since the pandemic. Their employees can work from home if they want. In the wake of this shift, startups offer clever solutions to make workers more comfortable, focussed or smarter at home. Ironhack, Teemyco, Sana Labs and Frankie Health are some examples of European startups recently raising millions of euros for their remote learning or working solutions.

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One of the downsides of having a team working from home is security. As people are logging in from multiple locations, networks and devices, it means more opportunities for data leaks, bad guys gaining entry, or networks getting compromised. A cloud VPN solution can offer a solution for companies shifting to remote-first.

What is a cloud VPN?

A CloudVPN is an advanced network security solution to ensure network security within your business. Even if your team is scattered around the country, or even around the world, it offers the opportunity to let everyone connect without compromising security.

A CloudVPN reroutes your employees’ traffic through a remote VPN server. All data is encrypted along the way, scrambling information to deter prying eyes. Once connected, your team can safely access on-premise and cloud resources from anywhere, anytime, with reliable data protection. Modern cloud VPN solutions like NordVPN Teams can easily scale with your rapidly growing team. A CloudVPN offers several advantages to your business.

1: Secure access from anywhere

Is your team working from home? Or from the coffeehouse around the corner? The beach in Bali? Wherever they log in from, cloud VPN enables safe and secure logins from private or public networks.NordVPN Teams even lets you purchase a dedicated server to connect to your companies’ cloud, providing an extra layer of security. It also lets you create custom gateways dedicated to specific teams or company branches and easily manage permissions to sensitive business data. 

2: Secure your network from the start.

Employees working from home or anywhere else may not have the same digital security in place as the office, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. A cloud VPN encrypts your employees’ online traffic, rendering all data unreadable for outsiders. NordVPN Teams comes with an app that auto-enables, so nobody will ever forget to switch it on when logging in. And the built-in kill switch cuts the connection the second it notices something’s iffy with the network. 

3: Every device is secure

Do your employees install the latest security patches on their laptops? What about the phones or tablets they use to log in to the companies’ network? Are they secured? It’s hard to keep track of all the endpoints users choose to connect with while working remotely. That’s why a sound cloud VPN works on any platform, and any major operating system, leaving no device to connect unsecured.

4: Control who accesses what

Obtaining a dedicated server with the cloud VPN server offers the advantage that your company can keep complete control over who accesses what on the business network. You can block anyone not logging in from that verified IP. 

With NordVPN Teams, you also get the opportunity for more advanced access controls, with the possibility to create teams and gateways and customize team-gateway access from one Control Panel.

5: International online access

Working remote means people can work from anywhere in the world. A cloud VPN gives anyone the possibility to pick the best virtual server to log in. For instance, NordVPN Teams offers virtual servers in 33 countries. It ensures online flexibility and bypasses any geo-restrictions that may set your business back, allowing your remote talent to work as if they are local.

For more information on how to keep your remote team secure with a cloud VPN for teams, please visit NordVPN Teams.

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