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5 Ways to Get More Visitors at Lower Costs –

Years ago, ads using Facebook’s traffic objective were so cheap that site owners could make money just by driving traffic to pages with display advertising. It’s a strategy known as Facebook ad arbitrage. But as ad costs have risen, it’s also a strategy that’s essentially extinct.

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Of course, the “traffic” objective still has its uses in 2021. Some sites use it to bring top-of-funnel awareness to their product or service. Others still use a form of arbitrage, where they’re monetizing via affiliate offers.

The strategy I’ve used to grow my personal finance website has been to combine both of those approaches, simultaneously building my brand and monetizing Facebook traffic through affiliate offers. I first started using Facebook to drive traffic to informational content in 2017. Between then and now, we’ve brought in over 10 million visitors, with Facebook being our #1 referrer. And most importantly, our ad costs have remained flat since 2019.

I’ve tested hundreds of different ideas and strategies over that time, and my best practices are constantly changing. In this post, I’m sharing the strategies that helped me bring in high-quality traffic at what was an average cost per visitor of $0.05 in January of 2021.

So first, let’s take a look at the basics of Facebook traffic ads and why these best practices work.

What are Facebook traffic ads?

When you are setting up a new Facebook or Instagram ad, you can select one of five objectives for your campaign: engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and of course, traffic. Facebook traffic ads are those which use the traffic objective and can be used to send traffic to a website, mobile or desktop app, or Messenger conversation.

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Why are Facebook traffic ads so cheap?

Facebook Ad benchmark studies are useful for comparing what others in your industry are doing. However, they’re just as useful for understanding what strategies advertisers are not using.

For example, we know that conversions are the most popular objective on Facebook. We also know that people who are known to convert—specifically, people who would buy a product or service from a new brand as the direct result of an ad—are some of the most highly-targeted users on Facebook.

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