6 Examples Of AI In Finance For 2021

Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking discipline of computer science that has revolutionized the trajectory of technology (AI). Artificial intelligence is concerned with designing smart machines and applications that can perform tasks that generally need human intelligence. This advancement in the technological field is shifting the paradigm of almost every industry in the world.

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When it comes to an industry like finance, artificial intelligence encompasses almost everything. The variety ranges from customer service chatbots to tasks automating your work or detecting fraud for the company. So if there is one technology consistent in meeting the dividend demands, it is artificial intelligence. AI is giving the world of finance and banking an efficient way of meeting the needs of their clients and customers. They now have a way to make their processes more convenient, more innovative and provide smart ways to save, spend, and access money. So it is not an overstatement to say that artificial intelligence is changing the way we conduct our businesses and make use of money.

Let us now discuss some ways that AI has changed the finance industry.

  1. AI for managing risks 

If there is one thing they teach you in finance, time is money, and money is power. So if you don’t give money the due attention, it can be risky for business. For sustainability and business success, you need reliable forecast predictions, which are essential for the protection and working of many companies.

As a result, financial marketers are turning towards reliable AI technologies for this task. After that, you need an expert who can create accurate and specific models using AI results. During the study of accounts and finance, the finance model is a relevant subject taught. Consider doing a master of accountancy online if you want to improve your horizons in this subject. Predictions such as AI technology make it possible for finance and accounting experts to identify risks more accurately and identify trends. They can provide information that plays a crucial role in business planning.

  1. AI for security  

Another way artificial intelligence helps organizations and finances be more dependable and safer is by preventing cyberattacks and fraud. Naturally, customers look for financial service providers who can promise complete security for their accounts, especially when the causes of online fraud are so rampant. But artificial technology can single out and then analyze the irregular patterns that an average person cannot notice. Identification of these distinctive patterns in the earliest stage helps in preventing fraud and cyberattacks.

  1. AI to make credit decisions

Recent studies show that up to 77% of customers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. Only 12% of people prefer to pay with cash. But the more straightforward method of payment isn’t the only reason why credit availability is so important.

Having a good credit score plays an essential role in securing crucial financial options. Recruiters and companies also consider credit before they hire a candidate. It will help if you even have a good credit score to lease an apartment. With so many important decisions and financing options depending upon credit, it is even more important to maintain credit history.

That is where artificial intelligence comes into play. Artificial intelligence is helping credit lenders and banks make more intelligent decisions through the utilization of different factors. These factors assess the credit lenders more accurately, making the whole process more reliable and efficient. There are many examples of companies using AI technology to assess credit lenders with little to no history or credit information.

  1. AI for quantitative trading 

How to Stay Consistent in Business? The process of identifying large amounts of data to recognize patterns for businesses and use this information to make business trades is known as quantitative trading. AI plays a rather important role in this process as you can use it to analyze large amounts of complex data. The speed at which AI recognizes patterns from these data sets is faster than any human and gives you reliable algorithms in no time. As a result, these algorithms automate the trading process, saving you a lot of time.

Such AI technologies use natural language to process and identify keywords within research works, transcripts, filings, and even news to identify trends and patterns. Other yet similar applications can analyze vast amounts of data, condense information from it, and turn it into numerical ranks. These ranks and scores can help you identify trends for stocks.

  1. AI for personalized banking 

Traditional banking methods are no more efficient for the modern digital world. Consumers want smart tools that can help them make and maintain their budget with spending adjustments along the time. That makes them more receptive to digital banking devices.

Artificial intelligence such as chatbots can help generate personalized financial and budget advice for consumers in natural language.

Many banks and businesses use AI to reduce the load on call centers by giving customers self-service options through chatbots. These chatbots can provide them options and even solutions for their problems and financial queries.

  1. AI for automating processes 

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in automating business and banking processes to save costs, increase efficiency, and boost work productivity. Through artificial intelligence, banks and companies can automate many financial tasks such as generating payrolls, verifying data, reviewing documents, extracting information, etc. Using artificial intelligence for these processes decreases the chances of error to less than 1%. There is no room for human error anymore.


There is no doubt that the finance industry is advancing rapidly with the help of artificial intelligence. People are using technology to have a personalized experience, secure their accounts, and make their dealings with money even more manageable. Banks and firms are using artificial intelligence to prevent frauds, increase cybersecurity, automate their business processes, provide better customer services, etc. All of this is possible with the help of artificial intelligence that reduces the burden of mundane and repetitive tasks. It allows finance experts to focus on creative tasks that matter and work to grow their company by making better decisions and strategies. Hence, artificial intelligence is a reliable asset in the world of finance.

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