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7 Solid Strategies to Stand Out From Your Competitors on Google –

Standing out on Google isn’t just about having a good ad, but also about leveraging SEO best practices and the tools Google offers, so you can drive long-term organic traffic while getting clicks to your website, service pages, and blog posts. When done right, you can beat out your competitors right when potential customers are ready to buy.


If you want to stay competitive in your industry, you need to evaluate your SEO and PPC strategy and create a plan that ensures you’ll stand out from competitors once and for all. Start by evaluating these seven foundational elements of your current marketing plan, each of which will move the needle for your visibility efforts.

How can you stand out from your competitors on Google?

Google’s search engine results pages are filled with opportunities to stand out, in various forms. There are ads, organic results, local results, images, shopping results, and more. Below are some attainable ways to stand out above your competitors on the search platform.

1. Make killer Google Search ads

There are a lot of ways to produce awesome Google ads that stand out from your competitors. Do your keyword research, test out ad variations (maybe you focus on keywords in one headline, and creativity or storytelling in another), make use of ad extensions, use customer feedback for ad copy, make your ads locally focused, and the list goes on. For more help with coming up with effective Google ads, check out the tips in these posts on the following:

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2. Try running Google Display ads

To stand out on Google with display advertising, one strategy is to target keywords that perform best in your Search ads, if you are running them. You may also want to look at top-performing pieces of organic content to get a feel for what resonates best with your audience. Also, make sure your ads are being served on the right sites. You can get a feel for which sites would be best by checking out your referral traffic in Google Analytics. 

Perhaps the most important element to pay attention to is your creative design. If you’re uploading your own design, make sure that you create different sizes of the ad to fit various placements and devices. If you are using responsive display ads, make

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