7 Tactics To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers [Free Webinar on March 22]

7 Tactics To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers [Free Webinar on March 22]

In 2021, the gap in conversion rates between the worst and best performing e-commerce websites widened more than ever before.

Conversion rates for the lower-performing e-commerce sites hovered around 3 percent while the top-performing sites were around 17 percent!

That’s a pretty drastic difference. You’re probably wondering what you need to do get your website on the same level as some of these top-performing e-commerce sites.

Join Neil Patel on Tuesday, March 22nd at 8 am PST for a FREE webinar on 7 Tactics To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers where he will show you how!

In this webinar, Neil will share actionable strategies that he’s used to drive over 1 billion “wallet-out, ready-to-buy” visitors to his and his clients’ websites.

Why Is CRO Important?

Do conversion rates still matter in 2022? The short answer is yes.

Here are some recent CRO stats you might find interesting that show why you should care about conversion rates.

According to Unbounce’s benchmarking report, 25 percent of e-commerce websites had a conversion rate of less than 5.2 percent in 2021. On the other hand, 50 percent of e-commerce sites had a conversion rate above 10 percent.

conversion rate for e-commerce websites - webinar

Even if your website isn’t focus on selling products, there are a lot of lessens that can be learned by see how e-commerce businesses get better results.

Small e-commerce businesses received an average of 414 website visitors per month in 2020. This figure jumped by 34 percent in 2021, meaning these same websites now get closer to 500 visitors per month.

If your website’s CRO performance is in the bottom 25 percent, you would get an average of 25 conversions per month. Compare that to the average order value of $156 for 2021, that means your gross monthly profit would be $3900.

average order value by region for conversion rate webinar

Now, what if your website’s CRO performance was in the top 50 percent? You would be getting around 50 conversions per month and your gross monthly profit jumps to $7800.

That’s double the performance, just by taking a closer look at your funnel and seeing where improvements can be made to convert more of your traffic! Your monthly profits can increase by thousands of dollars if your conversion rates increase just a little bit.

If you don’t have an e-commerce site, the same strategies can be applied for results that are just as meaningful. Except, instead of optimizing for more sales, you might focus on increasing downloads for an ebook, getting more signups for an upcoming webinar, or increasing the amount of demos or calls booked with your team.

It all starts with finding ways to convert more of those website visitors into real leads and paying customers.

So, what can you do to improve your conversion rates? Join our upcoming webinar to find out!

Who Will Benefit from This Webinar?

  • Small e-commerce business owners looking to grow their revenue.
  • Marketers who have clients with revenue-growth goals.
  • Content marketers looking for CRO tips to improve blog posts and other forms of content.
  • Designers (UX and otherwise) looking for design and UX strategies that drive more conversions.

What Businesses Will Benefit from This Webinar?

Any business that has conversion goals to meet, whether that’s revenue, downloads, sign-ups, or bookings, will benefit from attending this webinar.

E-commerce businesses will learn actionable strategies that will drive more conversions and, thereby, grow their revenue.

Content marketers also stand to gain a lot from the webinar. Want proof?

  • 84 percent of companies have content marketers or a content marketing strategy. That means most businesses have employees who will benefit from the strategies taught in this webinar.
  • Blogs are the second most common type of content that marketers create. The main goal of most blogs is to educate readers on your knowledge and expertise, then convert that traffic into customers for your business. This webinar will teach you how!

Companies with UX and design departments can also learn a lot from this webinar.

What’s one of the many reasons why? 71 percent of all online traffic in the US is mobile but mobile traffic converts at half the rate of desktop traffic.

time on site and money spent on desktop versus mobile - for webinar

A recent survey asked users why they’re less likely to convert from their phone. Here’s what they said:

reasons people don't convert on mobile -webinar

Aside from security concerns, everything else was UX or design-related. Our webinar will walk you through strategies to overcome some of these challenges.

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Neil will teach you seven different strategies that will help you convert your website traffic into paying customers. He’ll also highlight specific examples for each one to show you how it can work in practice.

By the end of the webinar, you should be able to:

Join Neil Patel on Tuesday, March 22nd at 8 am PST to learn more about these specific strategies that Neil himself uses for his agency and clients.

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