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8 Best Practices to Land More Clients –

It’s go time! Your marketing campaigns have paid off and you’ve been inundated with fresh leads to hopefully turn into sales. That last part hinges on your ability to strategically and effectively follow up on those leads without letting any fall by the wayside or scare them off by coming on too strongly. And effectively following up means doing so multiple times. According to Marketing Donut, 80% of sales leads require five follow-ups after the initial contact, but only 8% of salespeople actually follow up this many times. 


Five times may sound like a lot, but if you approach your leads in the right manner, you can effectively communicate the right messaging to them that puts you in their favor. In this post, we’re going to cover some tips on how to properly follow up with leads and increase your odds of turning them into repeat customers, including:

>Segment your leadsRespond in a timely fashionNurture leads with useful contentPersonalize your communicationUse various communication channelsCreate a follow-up scheduleTrack communicationsLearn when to abandon lost causes

Sales lead follow-up best practices

As you may already know, it’s not only about when you follow up with your leads but also how you follow up with them. You need to consider their stage in your funnel, their pain points and needs, and the timing of your communication. Here are some best practices to help you effectively follow up with sales leads and prospects to win more business.

1. Segment your leads

Each type of lead will require a different level of messaging. Depending on how the lead came to you, it may be hot and ready to close or may need a bit of warming. For example, a lead that comes to you by way of an email opt-in campaign as opposed to a lead that filled out a ‘contact me’ form on your webpage are at different points in the sales funnel and should be approached accordingly.

Organize the leads into at least three groups: Hot, warm, and cold. Seems a bit remedial, but trust us, you’ll want to take note of the leads’ temperatures so that you don’t treat them like one size fits all.

how to follow up with sales leads cold warm hot funnel

If you’re interested in doing a more robust lead scoring initiative, there are software programs available that will separate your leads based on point values you assign to

By: Kristen McCormick
Title: How to Follow Up With Sales Leads: 8 Best Practices to Land More Clients
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