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8 effective ways to wrap up your blog posts

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You’ve said everything you wanted to say in your post, and now it’s time to quickly wrap things up so you can hit ‘Publish’.

Sound familiar? If it does, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to do even more for your readers—and yourself.

Here are eight effective ways to wrap up your blog posts and get as much out of those final paragraphs as possible.

1. Sum up your message

Remember the English essays you wrote in high school? Chances are you finished each one them with a summary of what you’d written about.

So why not do the same with your blog posts?

Think about what you’ve written, and the overall message you’re trying to convey. And then drive that message home in your final paragraphs. You may even want to summarise it slight differently so it doesn’t feel like you’re repeating yourself.

Summarising what you’ve talked about is especially important when you’ve written a long post that covers a lot of different points. Chances are your reader has already forgotten some of them, and so a quick summary of those points (perhaps as bullet points) will jog their memory and help them remember each one.

2. Ask a question

Another way to wrap up your post is by asking your reader a question and encouraging them to answer it. You could ask them to post their answer as a comment on your blog, or on one of your social media channels.

Depending on the type of question you ask, you can even influence and shape the discussion people have on your blog. For example, you could ask something like “Tell us a story about a time when you had this experience” or “What’s your experience with this

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