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8 Most Efficient Email Pop-ups That You Might Want to Add to Your Website in 2022

Consumer preferences change rapidly, so you should always know how to exceed your clients’ expectations. Read this article to find out which types of email popups can deliver the best results in 2022!

To boost your conversions, strengthen your customer loyalty and maximize your revenue, you might want to add email popups to your website. To make the most of this tool, you should know which popups deliver the best results in 2022. In this article, we’ll list 8 types of email popups that your target audience should appreciate. These recommendations should come in handy for businesses from nearly any industry that have an online presence.

Gamified Popups

The term “gamification” denotes the implementation of game design features and gaming ideas in non-game environments. Such an approach makes your popups more emotional and entertaining. For instance, the popup can feature a wheel of fortune with the following prizes:

  • Exclusive coupon codes
  • Free shipping
  • Access to premium content

To be allowed to set the wheel in motion, consumers need to share their email addresses with you. Alternatively, you can offer a simple puzzle to your clients or a random choice between three mystery options. People enjoy trying their luck and winning. If they ignore the popup, they will feel they’re missing out on something.

Exit Intent Popups with Coupons

Here are the facts that you might want to remember:

  • The average time a consumer spends on an ecommerce website is only 15 seconds
  • 68% of customers abandon their shopping carts before checking out

If you add an exit intent popup to your site, the JavaScript technology will detect the moment when the client will be about to leave. The statistics of the user’s movement on a web browser allows you to do it with great precision. To convince the visitor to stay and finalize the purchase, you can offer them a personalized discount.

Popups with Eye-Catching Color Palette

Every day, Internet users consume huge amounts of visual content. If you manage to stand out from the rest thanks to your creativity, the visitors of your site will appreciate that. You might want to use intense and unusual colors, as long as they fit your corporate style. Bold contrasts of light and dark can also produce a superb impression on viewers. It would be wise to create several versions of the popup and carry out A/B testing to identify which colors deliver the best results with your target audience.

By the way, testing is vital for any type of popup. You should measure the results and stick to those options that provide the highest conversion rate.

Limited-Time Offers on Countdown Popups

Today, consumers are so much spoilt for choice it might not be enough to inform them about a limited offer. They might take this information into consideration and promise themselves to come back to your site later. But as soon as they close it, they will forget about your offer. To create a sense of urgency, you can add a countdown timer to your popup. Give your clients ten or fifteen minutes to make the decision!

Mobile Popups

For building your popups, you should choose a tool that enables you to create popups both for computers and mobile devices. All the templates that it features should be mobile-responsive. Before the popup goes live, you should preview it in both formats. It might cover the entire smartphone screen or just some part of it. You need to make sure your popup will look nice on a display of any size. You should avoid overloading it with text — instead, try to be as concise as possible. To increase your mobile conversion rate to the max, you should stick to Google’s interstitial guidelines that enhance user experience.

Scroll Popups

This type of popup appears when the user scrolls down the page to a certain point. This can happen, for instance, on a product category page or in a blog post. You can be sure that the consumer is genuinely interested in your content or the assortment of your online store. You can show them a selection of your best-selling items, or the new collection, or a personalized suggestion based on their previous purchases. Plus, it might be reasonable to offer them a discount or some other perk because such a user is a potential warm lead and loyal customer.

There is no one-fits-all answer to the question “At which point should the scroll popup appear?”. Feel free to experiment and measure the efficiency of different approaches.

Highly Targeted Popups Based on Demographics and Customer Behavior

Personalized marketing requires more effort that its generic counterpart. You need to study the preferences and behavior patterns of your target audience. You can check the statistics manually, together with your team, or you can employ AI to do this task. You should strive to show to each group of customers those popups that will resonate best with them. That might seem like a challenging task at first site — but once you understand how to do it, you’ll appreciate the results.

Bars and Banners

Conventional banners are static. You place them in a certain location (such as the top of your main page) and they stay there until you remove them. A popup banner emerges unexpectedly in the visual interface’s forefront, usually in a demarcated window. It interrupts the customer’s browsing experience with a promotional message. You might ask, is it acceptable to interrupt the client? The answer depends on the content of the message, the timing and the value of the offer. This type of popup seems to be trendy in 2022, so you can try to test it as well.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand how to create the best email pop ups. In 2022, you might want to focus on the following types of popups: gamified, with eye-catching color palette, scroll, mobile, exit intent popups with coupons, limited-time offers with countdown, highly targeted popups based on demographics and customer behavior as well as bars and banners. You need to make sure all your popups are mobile-friendly, target the right audience and appear at the right time on the most opportune pages.

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