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8 Pro Tips Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Lead generation is your first task as a marketer that can win your business successful sales. The more qualified prospects you generate, the higher your sales will be accordingly. Here we let you explore the pro tips to attract prospects that suit your business best. 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the practice of adopting different marketing strategies to make other people or businesses interested in your business. It is the first and foremost step in the conversion funnel where your brand image is perfectly established. There are two types of lead generation strategies:

Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Inbound marketing activity is to do with the online platforms and the non-physical presence. You use digital channels, social media, websites, blogs, etc. to stabilize your online presence and attract leads through them. You need to build up your buyer persona based on the information you have gained and then start generating prospects.

Outbound Lead Generation Strategy

Quite the contrary, outbound marketing strategies are the manual and traditional methods of presenting your business and attracting leads. It is still common even if the digital transformation has evolved in many business areas. In fact, there are many digital applications for outbound marketing that take outbound outreach tactics to email, LinkedIn InMails, and more.

How to Generate More Leads for Your Business?

So, let’s focus now on the core of the article. First, look at the infographic and then read the pro tips to know how you can generate more leads for your business. 

1. Cross Channel Content Marketing

Creativity matters greatly. The innovative visual and textual content make an attractive image for your brand. Content is the means by which you communicate with your audience. You grow your online presence, establish your brand image, create trust, and make your business authority by the use of creative lead-generating content. Such content helps you gather new leads that are likely to stay with your business. 

However, being creative is not enough. You should have some SEO knowledge and grow your source of content with updated SEO strategies. Therefore, you can appear in the search results above others on your desired search engine. As a result, when your potential prospect is searching for a topic, your content will be available within less than a second. This is also a credit for your business as a professional corporation.

2. Cross-Promote Yourself on Social Media

Resorting only to your website in the digital world is a great loss for your revenues. Social media marketing is important in 2020 and beyond. There are billions of people out there on different social media platforms. Accordingly, the percentage of the probability of finding your qualified leads on social media is remarkably high. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. each have their own characteristics and audiences. As a result, not every social media can be suitable for your business and niche. You should then first recognize these characteristics and then start promoting your business and attract leads. Consequently, your audience moves from platform to platform and you can enjoy an increase in the number of your followers. If Instagram is your preferable media, you can also use Instagram follower apps to grow your followers.

While working with social media, remember to stay loyal to three features: consistency, experimentation, and automation. Without adding these to your work, you cannot promote yourself successfully on your desired social media. Therefore, there will be no leads and no results. 

3. Use Lead Generation Tools

Using tools for lead generation can influence your ROI positively. These tools help you use the maximum potential of the expenditure and convert people or businesses that are relevant to your business.

Tools such as website visitor tracking software assist you to have a broader level of knowledge about the activities a user does on your website. Analyzing the achieved data can tell you about the necessary steps you should take to keep the leads within your website. There are data analysis tools that you can use. You can track the number of visitors, the pages that have been visited, the time spent on each page, etc.

4. Work on Your Website 

Even if you are making a lot of marketing efforts to generate more leads for your business, all are condemned to failure without a high-performance website. Why? Because you get your prospects lost in the complexities of your website. 

Choose a template that is easy to follow, engaging, and simple. Such a website surely has a better user experience as users will not find it difficult to explore through your website. Remember to add some sections such as customer testimonials, case studies, reviews, etc. to inspire the new leads and gain their trust. 

Moreover, provide contacting means such as online chatbox, contact form, and contact information. In addition, there are things you can add to prevent your leads from exiting your website. For instance, welcome mat, exit-intent popup, and the like. The last point would be the fact that you should always perform A/B testing to see if everything is working properly on your website. 

5. Enhance Your Public Relations

Constructing bridges of communication is important for your business. Such bridges can be social media, events, websites, etc. Communicating with your leads and facilitating connections can result in them being loyal to the conversion funnel. 

In addition, getting other bodies to talk about you is a great credit for your business which gains their trust. You can invest your budget on top B2B influencers, influencers on social media, or professionals on online platforms instead of spending so much on advertisements. Such replacement is much easier to believe in the viewpoint of your generated leads.

6. Do Not Underestimate Reviews

Reviews have been more determinative to businesses lately. There are many people who prefer to search for reviews before taking any actions toward a business. If there are no reviews, or worse, there are negative reviews, they will turn their back to the business. In fact, such behavior is not confined to some industries only. Rather, the consumers and clients of almost all industries and niches follow the same pattern. 

6. Invest in Paid Advertising

Both social media and search engines provide paid advertising opportunities for businesses. They are powerful in terms of the data these platforms possess about their users. For instance, you can choose a target audience for your paid ad. In other words, you can ask these platforms to show your ad to the 30 to 40-year-old mothers in London who love shopping. So, you specifically opt for a particular group of leads.

On the other hand, a good feature of paid advertising is that you can select the amount of payment regarding your budget. Hence, if you have a small business with a restricted budget, you can still consider paid advertising. 

7. Consider Email Marketing

On the way to build up communication with your leads, both B2B and B2C prospects, email marketing is a professional way to think of. Asking your generated leads to subscribe to your newsletter is a good way to stay connected with them.

In addition, create a list of the email addresses of the businesses that you think can be proper clients for you and send emails to them. Make them know you and introduce clearly what you actually do. You can also use email automation for following up on the emails that you have not received a reply back.

8. Organize Webinars

Webinars are a branch of video marketing as you may know that make direct communications possible and interesting. Webinars can have various subjects. They can contain information on your products or services, troubleshooting solutions, Q&A sessions, customer interviews, etc. Choose among the best webinar platforms for your business and start the work.

Inform your customers and the generated leads about your webinars. Share the information in all your channels in the digital world. Keep track of the time of your webinars to prevent them from being boring. Prepare for the probable questions you might be asked. You can also think about gamification to add fun and excitement to your webinars so that the participants are engaged.

As a marketer, there are many strategic ways you can learn to generate leads for your business. Remember to use them after having done enough research and after having created your ideal buyer persona. Wish you the best of luck!

I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for SocialPros and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!

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