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A Look at EndureAir Systems’ Unmanned Aviation Technology”

EndureAir Systems is an unmanned aviation technology company incubated at IIT Kanpur in 2019 with a mission to provide world-class drone technology for the Indian Armed Forces and other users, operators and community members. The company’s products are capable of carrying heavy payloads with high endurance. EndureAir has developed cutting-edge technology for multiple sectors and is providing customizable drone solutions to real-world problems.

EndureAir’s drones are currently being used for a wide range of applications, including surveillance, crowd monitoring, ISR applications, logistics, search & rescue, change detection and payload drops. The company has successfully completed various projects with organizations such as GAIL and Delhivery, including the search and rescue mission during the glacier burst in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.

EndureAir’s products offer an industry-leading combination of features and capabilities, including heavy payloads and high endurance of up to 3 hours. The company has designed various customizable drones that are tested against extreme weather and terrain conditions, from high altitudes and mountainous regions to plains. EndureAir’s drones have even demonstrated their extreme weather tolerance and gust resistance to the MARCOS unit of the Indian Navy and have carried out stealth and reconnaissance missions at a high altitude of 10,000 ft in Gulmarg.

EndureAir has been awarded ‘The Start-up of the Year’ by Aerospace and Defence Awards in 2022, is a Stage 3 Winner of the NIST First Responder USA challenge and a winner of the 2nd RANK in ‘Innovative Product Design’ by AeroIndia in 2019. The company is also a beneficiary under the PLI Scheme for drones and drone components initiated by the Government of India.

EndureAir’s revenue model is based on B2B and B2G services, such as inspection, surveillance, mapping, crowd monitoring, ISR applications, payload dropping and change detection. 

EndureAir is currently working on its Research & Development of long-range drones, with the aim of lifting heavier payloads in a faster, more affordable and efficient manner. The company is also streamlining its supply chain process and using technology to increase efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs.

The company’s main competitors are Idea Forge, Garuda Aerospace and Asteria Aerospace. As it scales, it needs to keep strengthening the supply chain, the certification of drones and complying with the evolving legalities in this space.

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