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A multi-speciality hospital putting the patient at the centre, here’s the Ramya Hospitals story

What began as a dream in 1988 in a small clinic has now materialised into a 50-bed multi-speciality hospital. The man at the heart of this journey, Dr Madhava Reddy Saddi, always knew he wanted to do more for his patients. While he always had the vision, it took years of determination, courage and some equally dedicated partners to finally fulfil the dream.

Speaking at The Success Edition, an initiative by Kotak Mahindra Bank and YourStory, Dr Madhava, Managing Director, Ramya Hospitals, said, “When my wife, Dr Hemalatha and I started our careers, our focus was centered around being able to provide patients with the care they need.”

This focus stemmed from what the doctor couple noticed. Back in the 80s, home births were common. But these births led to many complications and patients would end up coming to the Reddys’ doorstep as they knew the doctors resided in the same place as their clinic. “That was our initial nudge into setting up a nursing home with six beds in 1989. Over the next few years, we increased our bed capacity to 15, and eventually started to cater to multiple specialities, and it is a growing list. In the last decade, we realised the need to grow further in providing quality patient care with improved facilities,” he said, adding that this is where Kotak Mahindra Bank came in as dependable partners. “They supported us financially to help us cross the bridge from a nursing home to a 50-bed multi-speciality hospital in 2019,” he said.

With a clear vision to provide a livelihood for at least 100 people, Dr Madhava was also sure of succeeding by sticking to their ethics and proper practice. And they did, with a partner like Kotak.

Banking became very easy with Kotak, he says. The team was very supportive in providing loans, helping him get his equipment and machinery for the hospital. Dr Madhava also has Kotak’s POS system that helps patients, who come in during an emergency, make payments easily with just their card.

Speaking about the Ramya Hospitals journey, Dr Madhava says the team was patient-centric ever since they were operating out of their small clinic. And that today is their strength. He said, “Unlike many hospitals which spring up in the busy pockets of the city with clientele having high affordability, we have continued to make healthcare facilities accessible to people from all walks of life.” He also believes that trust is important when treating patients, and that comes only with empathy. “We, at Ramya Hospitals, try to understand a patient’s socio-economic background and their needs, thereby building trust and offering better care,” he shared. The Secunderabad-based hospital became the only government-approved COVID-19 vaccination centre in their vicinity. But the journey isn’t over.

In the long run, Dr Madhava wants to reach more people and set up more branches in places where multi-speciality hospitals aren’t willing to go. He also wants to bring in the expertise of his son, Anirrudh Saddi, who has a background in the US healthcare sector, and ensure that India gets the best of it too.

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