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A voice assistant for shopping

Amidst COVID-19, online shopping has been gaining popularity as people are avoiding physical contact. As demand grows, companies are trying to make the process of shopping online easier for customers, including voice assistants.

However, Slang Labs Co-founder and CEO Kumar Rangarajan says most ecommerce players have adopted the most basic level of voice-to-text service available out there.

To solve this problem and ensure a hassle-free and seamless voice experience for customers while shopping online, Bengaluru-based Slang Labs has launched ‘Slang CONVA’, which it says is “the world’s first voice assistants as a service platform”

Although it is a completely B2B (business-to-business) product, it has a direct connect with the end consumer, as it is instrumental in creating the final user experience via voice.

The product promises to drastically simplify the process of adding in-app voice assistants to a matter of minutes from the six months or more that is usually required.

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The Interview

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