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Action camera kits that help you grab every shot perfectly- Technology News, FP

For the adventurous

Never miss a shot with this action camera accessory kit. Each mount in this bundle fits most action cameras on the market. This kit comes with a 360 Degree Rotatable Wrist Arm Strap as well as a Powerful Car Suction Cup Mount (among plenty of others), that adheres to the dashboard or side of the car to capture the scenery or memories of a road trip. This is the gear assist you want to get steady shots on the road or sea. This bundle also includes a head strap for capturing POV footage. You’ll also score a quick clip that lets you secure your GoPro to a backpack, your belt, a hoodie, and a million other places. All these tools come in a padded case. Whether you take footage for pay or play, you’re going to love the Adventure Kit.

Capture your achievements

The accessory kit gives you everything you need to take your action camera on the road or sea. Your money will get you an astounding number of accessories! You’ll get a Hook Buckle Mount, a Handlebar Mount, 2 x a Wrist Strap Mount, a Floating Hand Grip, Adhesive Pads (5 Round & 5 Square), an Adjustable Selfie Stick, a Suction Cup Mount and a whole assortment of others. All of these goodies fit inside a carry bag that goes where you do. If you’re not quite sure what you need, but you wanted to cover all your bases, this kit is for you.

Take others along for the ride

Create breathtaking videos or shots with this accessory kit. The kit fits most GoPro and SJCAM models. It gives you all the accessories you need to take those awe-inspiring action shots and the great build quality makes sure the accessories don’t wear out no matter how crazy your shoots get an extreme sports videographer’s dream! This kit comes with a chest strap for steady POV videos. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and is great for on-the-go filming. This kit also comes with a floating grip, a cool accessory that allows you to film & take photos in water, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or any other water sport, this grip got you covered.

Built for the achievers

It is a pity your camera does not come with a ton of accessories, but luckily for you, this kit has just the solution with its 12-in-1 camera mounts. The bundle provides an assortment of standard and conversion mounts to make it easy to attach the camera to a variety of surfaces for just about any situation. From riding a bike, rock climbing to swimming or skiing and everything in between, you should be able to find an amount to suit your needs. Whether that requires the included head and chest mounts or handlebar mount or the miscellaneous assorted sticky mounts and suction mounts for helmets, windshields, or other surfaces, you should be covered.

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