You are currently viewing AI based virtual expert to bring enhance efficiency and predictability in Plant Operations

AI based virtual expert to bring enhance efficiency and predictability in Plant Operations

UptimeAI: A Revolutionary AI-based Virtual Expert for Plant Operations

McKinsey defines the emerging era of Industry 4.0 as the era of connectivity, advanced analytics, automation, and advanced-manufacturing technology. From using agile approaches to experimenting with digital twins, this space is ushering in a new world of innovations today.

Let’s meet a factory in this Industry 4.0 world.

What if we could solve the day to day plant operational problems faster and with fewer alerts? 

That’s the challenge Uptime AI is working on using its AI-based virtual assistant for plant operations. Founded in August 2019, UptimeAI is an artificial intelligence company that offers the world’s first virtual AI assistant for plant operations.

UptimeAI bridges the gap between AI and deep domain knowledge, mimicking the experts while scaling the compute to process billions of data. In the process, it helps achieve lower operational costs (energy & maintenance reduction), higher generation, and increased people productivity. 

UptimeAI’s four modules include – Connect the dots, No code predictive alerts, Inferencing engine for prescriptive actions, and Continuous self-learning.

These are made available to all users via a scalable digital assistant.

UptimeAI’s solution looks at detecting operational problems before they cause losses, diagnosing the cause using built-in failure modes (FMEA), suggesting mitigation steps, and learning from operator actions to get better and more precise. 

Its patented system and method for monitoring complex structures is able to identify the root cause and relation to multiple effects. Further, its self-learning workflows help extract best practices and automatic model updates.

UptimeAI has won several awards and recognitions, including the Financial Express FuTech Award 2022 for Best use of predictive/prescriptive analytics, NASSCOM AI Gamechanger award 2022 for AI-based virtual expert for machine operations and maintenance, AEGIS Graham Bell award 2022 for Innovation in Digital Transformation, ENRich2021 startup search award from KPMG India, TATA Power Innovation award, NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award, DRDO Dare to Dream Innovation 2.0 award and BPCL Startup Grand slam award.

UptimeAI’s revenue model is based on an annual subscription plan. To scale up, UptimeAI plans to expand into the US & Asia and to drive value in industries such as cement and food and beverages. 

We have leveraged AI to generate this entire article and synthesize the images for the same.

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