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Xiaomi, on Tuesday, 30 March, unveiled a brand new dynamic logo with a corporate visual identity. With the logo, the Chinese tech giant aims at improving the brand’s awareness. The new corporate identity, with the design concept of “Alive”, will help in strengthening the company’s foothold in the market, stated the press release. Alive interprets the brand’s philosophy giving it a visual image full of life: people are alive. Since people have created technology, thus, technology is also alive.

 Xiaomi unveils new Alive logo and brand identity: All you need to know

Xiaomi’s new logo. Image: Xiaomi

“The concept of Alive is Xiaomi’s thinking and response to the turning point in the era of intelligent interconnectivity. As a technology company, Xiaomi is committed to bringing more innovations around the world and it is essential for the brand to grow along with its users,” states the press release.

The logo has been designed by Kenya HARA, the President of the Nippon Design Center (NDC) and a professor of Musashino Art University. He used the “superellipse” mathematical formula while designing it, the release added.

In the logo, the old square has been replaced with a squircle (the shape in between a circle and a square). Basically, it now has rounded corners. That’s the only change.

The logo’s corporate colour remains Orange as it conveys the brand’s youthfulness and liveliness, the release added.

The company will use black and silver as supplementary colours.

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