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Amazon Amp goes live, allows users to turn into DJs

Tech giant Amazon has launched the beta version of its new mobile application Amp for iOS users on March 8, Tuesday. Amp is Amazon’s answer to popular social audio application Clubhouse, Twitter’s Spaces, and Spotify’s Greenroom.

Users on Amp will be allowed to create live radio shows and perform as DJs (Disc Jockeys) by playing songs from Amazon Music and taking callers.

At present, the app is launched for limited users in the US, and there is said to be a waitlist to gain access for its usage. According to the app description on the App Store, Amp will allow one to share their voice and favourite songs with the world. It further reads that one can decide on their ‘show title’, create a playlist and starts streaming their own radio shows within seconds.

Silicon Valley’s Clubhouse became a breakout social audio application during the pandemic. Initially targeting a very niche audience with its invite-only iOS app, Clubhouse reached its peak once the platform rolled out its app for Android users last year. The Rohan Seth and Paul Davison-founded platform boast of hosting eminent celebrities from across industries, including former Twitter CEO Evan Williams, Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian, AngelList Co-founder Naval Ravikant, Oprah Winfrey, and Elon Musk, among several others.

Going down the same path, The Verge reported that Amazon Amp is bringing in celebrity hosts including Nicki Minaj, Travis Barker, Big Boi, and Pusha T to stream on its platform.

In the Indian context, Bengaluru-based social networking application Leher offers live audio and video rooms. Founded in 2018, Leher poses to be the Clubhouse of Tier I and II India.

Speaking of its similarities with Clubhouse, it is worth mentioning that post the mass-popularity of Clubhouse, the platform somewhat lost some of its novelty. This is mostly due to content-quality issues. According to media reports, Amp is mindful of these consequences and the platform already has comprehensive community guidelines in place, with a moderation team working round-the-clock.

Amazon is yet to announce if and when it plans to launch the Android version of the app.

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