You are currently viewing Amsterdam-based former litigators launch Uncover, an AI-backed tool to help lawyers ‘win cases’

Amsterdam-based former litigators launch Uncover, an AI-backed tool to help lawyers ‘win cases’

Amsterdam-based former litigation lawyers Caroline Korteweg and Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing announced on Monday that they have launched Uncover, an AI-powered case management tool for attorneys.

The founders’ journey began with personal dissatisfaction after spending several late-night hours physically looking for documents, rearranging exhibits, and crafting timelines inefficiently. 

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Uncovers’ solution utilises ‘unique’ algorithms to allow attorneys to structure the unstructured material in their case files, work with it in the preparation of their case, and engage with colleagues and clients throughout the litigation process.

“Freeing up lawyers to do what they do best – win cases”

Uncover combines decades of litigation knowledge with a technology engine that uses the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning to solve problems. The platform claims to free attorneys from time-consuming manual processes, allowing them to focus on what matters most in litigation: winning cases.

Uncover is co-building its firm with Groningen, the Netherlands-based AI B2B venture studio Slimmer AI, and counts Lemstra Van der Korst, CORP., and AD Advocaten as launching customers.

Co-founder Caroline Korteweg says, “Today, lawyers spend roughly 30-40 per cent of their time ploughing their way through documents focusing on the factual information, trying to make sense of the case file. It is fundamental but inefficient and time-consuming work, resulting in lawyers longing for more hours in a day while clients are demanding more efficiency. We searched long and hard for solutions in the market to attend to these issues but came up empty-handed: none seem to have been built with a litigators’ approach in mind. Uncover will be exactly that: a tailored solution by litigators for litigators.”

About Slimmer AI

Slimmer AI has created Sentinels, an easy workflow solution that eliminates false reports and allows professionals to focus on complicated financial crime investigations using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

For more than 10 years, the company says it has led the way in applying machine learning to solve real-world problems, partnering with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to build innovative applied AI products and ventures.

CEO JC Heyneke says, “The most successful founders are those who have felt first-hand the problem they’re trying to solve. Combining Caroline and Ingrid’s extensive know-how with Slimmer AI’s deep experience in building cutting-edge AI software is a winning combination!”

AI makes Uncover possible

The Dutch-founded legal startup uses AI to build a searchable, automatically organised set of papers and a drawing tool that allows users to refer to and connect evidence. 

Previously, attorneys used to spend hours creating a timeline of events that is essential to developing a case. Uncovers’ AI does it for them automatically. This frees up time for attorneys to do what they were engaged to do: brainstorm with their clients, deliver the best legal advice available, and win cases.

Co-founder Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing says, “Our experience working in law for so many years helped us see these issues first-hand: case files have become more extensive and complex, and lawyers face more distractions than ever. And the bizarre thing is, that we are still trying to keep up using stickies and markers while the legal tech market is developing rapidly.”

“According to Statista, the global legal tech market is expected to be worth $25B in 2025. Its overall impact on the economy is even projected to reach $144B that year—double the impact observed in 2019. Uncover is pioneering new grounds, using the newest, most advanced NLP and deep learning technology that wasn’t available until recently. Combined with a litigator-tailored interface, Uncover will help lawyers worldwide be at the forefront of digitisation. Our goal for Uncover is to become a worldwide household name in legal practice,” adds Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing.

Text extraction and named entity identification developments, along with recent computing breakthroughs, make it possible to identify key events and handle enormous volumes of documents in a short amount of time. Uncover is offering legal firms a new competitive advantage while future-proofing the art of litigation.

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