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An early bird by nature, Harsimran Singh feels our subconscious mind can be trained if we put our heart to it

When Harsimran Singh Walia was around 10 years old, the only thought was to excel in life, make the most of all the opportunities that came in his way, and prove himself. “I have always wanted to reach a position where I’m proud of myself and make my family proud too. I just wanted to be the best in whatever I did,” he says.

When in school, he used to participate in quizzes, 5 km races, cross country, group treks, and these activities used to push him to deliver his best. “I think I developed the ability to accept challenges, which spawned resilience and patience during those years,” he says.

Three decades later, he’s now the proprietor of Aroma Chemicals, a leading wholesale trader of a wide range of industrial chemicals.

But Harsimran says he’s yet to achieve his biggest achievement. In 2018, his son was born and that was the happiest moment of his life, but he is still working towards achieving bigger things on the professional front.

If he was given an opportunity to host a dinner party and invite celebrities, he would choose those who have been highly successful in life like Amitabh Bachchan, Barack Obama, Robin Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He explains, “I’d talk about Amitabh’s life journey and struggles, Barack’s significant milestones in winning the presidency for two terms, Robin’s vision in his books, Sachin and Dhoni’s championship streak and how they put India at a pedestal. I’m sure to gain something from all of them.”

Harsimran is currently reading Robin Sharma’s book ‘The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life’. It’s no surprise then that he is a morning person who likes to start work early in the day. “I like to sleep early, but since my son is little, we can only sleep by 11 PM,” he says.

But what motivates him to get up early is to exercise and go running. “When the alarm rings, it’s just a matter of seconds where you either decide to go back to sleep or get out of bed. If I decide the night before itself that I most certainly have to wake up and get out of bed, I end up doing it. But if I don’t tune myself the night before, I won’t get out of bed the next day,” says Harsimran.

He adds, “If we take control of our subconscious mind, we can overcome a lot of challenges. In the morning, we’re at our weakest when we feel we should either go back to the cosiness of our quilts or go out and exercise. I’m slowly trying to motivate myself and tune myself the night before.”

An avid coffee and herbal tea lover, Harsimran loves reading books, travelling, and trying out new places to eat. A travel enthusiast, he has so far visited Europe, Bali, and Singapore. But his recent trip to Kerala has been the best one so far. “The smell of spices in the air, the natural beauty, and availability of natural food, coconut water and spices really attracted me. That place is just like my taste and I would love to visit again,” he says.

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