You are currently viewing Announcing India’s Largest D2C Conference, The D2C Summit 2022

Announcing India’s Largest D2C Conference, The D2C Summit 2022

In H1 2022, the D2C sector raised $1.25 Bn across 118 deals, accounting for 40% of the total funding raised by India’s ecommerce industry

To help brands leverage D2C’s $300 Bn market opportunity, Inc42 is hosting the third edition of its flagship D2C conference, The D2C Summit 2022, on September 16-17

The two-day conference will feature more than 75 prominent speakers from the ecommerce industry, 5K+ attendees and 30+ live sessions

Before 2019, few could have predicted the stellar growth of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands across India. Consumers mostly preferred brick-and-mortar stores at the time instead of online retail, and only a handful of companies like boAt, Kapiva and MamaEarth managed to crack the D2C code. Also, ecommerce was dominated mainly by marketplace behemoths like Amazon and Flipkart, leaving little room for D2C brands to flourish.

The retail landscape drastically changed when the pandemic hit the country in early 2020. It pushed India towards a digital-first economy, and the same was reflected in modern shoppers’ purchasing behaviour. As offline retail folded up unceremoniously, at least for the time being, the new wave of new-age commerce grew unabated, with the number of online shoppers touching 100 Mn by 2021.  

The tectonic shift, triggered by safety and convenience, was a blessing in disguise for digitally native vertical brands who found themselves on the cusp of an ecommerce revolution. As these companies started building and scaling their websites and mobile apps to ensure targeted product discovery, faster transactions (due to zero intermediaries in the supply chain) and better customer engagement, the rise of the D2C emerged as the new business imperative.

As D2C businesses continue to take ownership of the customer journey in the best possible manner, the outcome is not difficult to predict. India got its first D2C foodtech unicorn in Licious in October 2021. Soon enough, Thrasio-styled D2C rollups GlobalBees and Mensa joined the coveted club and were acclaimed as India’s fastest-growing unicorns

Since 2020, Inc42 has led the field covering the D2C ecosystem, its trends and nuances. After two successful events in July 2021 and December 2021, we are back with the third edition of the D2C Summit, a forum dedicated to the rising D2C sector, which will bring together India’s leading D2C, ecommerce and retail brands under one roof.

The D2C Summit 2022, presented by Pickrr and co-presented by BharatX will be hosted on September 16 and 17, 2022.

Announcing The D2C Summit 2022: India’s Largest Ecommerce And D2C Conference Is Back!

The data mentioned above underlines the rapid rise of the D2C model and its growing importance in the ecommerce context. Its estimated market value of $300 Bn by 2030 will account for 75% of the total estimated ecommerce market in India, while the sub-sector continues to attract investor interest. Clearly, it is the D2C sector’s moment in the sun. But as more companies join the D2C bandwagon, how can these digital-first brands grow their profits in 2022?

The D2C Summit 2022 will bring together more than 75 stalwarts from India’s ecommerce industry to help D2C players identify the key growth factors, trends and challenges. Get ready for a two-day extravaganza featuring more than 5K attendees and 30+ live sessions.

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Decoding D2C’s $300 Bn Market Opportunity

Despite the unprecedented rise of the D2C model in recent years, the sector has been plagued with various issues. A report by HDFC Securities states that a decline in funding, low liquidity, high inflation and high customer acquisition costs are some critical challenges that can hinder the growth of D2C businesses in the near future. 

So, it makes sense to learn the proven strategies and actionable tactics from India’s top 1% experts to help accelerate your brand’s growth even in tough business conditions. Our 75+ speakers will help you figure out how your D2C brand can leverage different sales channels, make good use of current trends like live commerce and content commerce, navigate the complex maze of customer retention and much more.

Announcing The D2C Summit 2022: India’s Largest Ecommerce And D2C Conference Is Back!


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What’s In It For You

The D2C Summit 2022 will be an interactive platform that will host founders of D2C and ecommerce brands, entrepreneurs, digital sellers, retailers, marketers and SMB owners to help them discover, connect and network with the most prominent names in the industry.

The summit will feature a mix of informative speeches, in-depth panel discussions, insightful masterclasses and live Q&A sessions to help our attendees get a fair idea of the proven business blueprints developed and implemented by some of the top ecommerce leaders.  

Announcing The D2C Summit 2022: India’s Largest Ecommerce And D2C Conference Is Back!

If you are still wondering how investors view the D2C sector, how the Thrasio-styled house of brands choose the right startups or how you can master the art of selling online, this is the place to be!

Are you keen to grow your brand, increase your sales and make 2022 your most profitable year yet? Join the D2C Summit 2022 to explore the key growth drivers, challenges and opportunities of India’s most significant consumer internet sector. 

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