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[App Friday] IQ Dungeon has a new take on puzzle gaming

Remember playing Mario on your Nintendo back in the day? The iconic red-and-blue plumber would hop wide gaps, slide down pipes, duck fireballs and avoid every possible obstacle out there to save the princess. 

Since Mario is having a resurgence, you could enjoy it again. But what if you could save the princess using your brains instead of ducks and high jumps? 

This is what IQ Dungeon offers. Launched in February 2021 on the Google Play Store, the gaming app requires you to use your mind to solve every level to save your princess. 

IQ Dungeon currently has over 10 lakh downloads and 4.7 rating, according to the Play Store. 

How does it work?

Once downloaded, there are no login details required. You are straight into the game. The user interface is very minimalistic with a light yellow background. 

A bar on the top of the page informs you about the level and the task to be completed. For instance, in level one, a player needs to figure out how to buy combat material such as a sword, helmet and an armour. 

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Similarly, every level has puzzles. Levels in the beginning are much easier, where you can get away with only moving certain things on the screen. But as you go further a combination of patterns and mazes, among other things could help you cross the level. I would not want to spoil the games any further, but use multiple permutations and combinations before you decide to give up.  

For instance, in one of the levels, the game asks you to find the entrance of a dungeon. The whole screen is covered with trees. The initial instinct is to search behind the trees. But think a bit harder and then approach the level. 

Or, you could opt for a free hint. If you are able to figure it out then great or else you could buy more hints by paying in gems. IQ Dungeon gives you 50 gems and you could watch ads to get more. Or you could also purchase unlimited gems for Rs 470 and also remove all the ads. But what is the fun in spending on gems and getting all the hints? 


I thoroughly enjoyed solving these puzzles. The simple design also works wonders because you are not distracted by the fancy colours or figures and can only focussed on solving the given challenge. 

The way IQ Dungeon also weaves in a storyline, which also keeps you very engaged. The only flaw in the app would be that it could do with providing a tutorial for at least one level. Because when you download the app, you could be very confused as to how one is supposed to approach the game. 

Otherwise it is a great way to spend some free time and also solve interesting challenges and feel good about yourself.  

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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