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[App Fridays] Amp up your productivity with Boosted

Between a global pandemic, working from home, and constant news of gloom and doom, staying productive and keeping oneself mindfully occupied is no mean task.

But, as with a lot of things out there — technology is here to help. A slew of productivity apps that have checklists, timers, and reminders, among other features, are available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

One of these is Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker, an Android-only app that has been downloaded over a million times on the Google Play Store so far, and has a 4.6 rating. 

How does it work?

One of the biggest challenges in completing a task on time is getting a task started in the first place. We all get distracted or procrastinate. But with the help of this app, you stand to be reminded in a good way.

With Boosted, you start by creating a to-do list, which the app calls “new projects”. These projects can be organised into smaller tasks.

Tasks can include meetings, calls and responding to emails to household chores that need to be completed, and new tasks can be added to this list on the go.

Boosted is an Android-only productivity app

Colour coding your projects is also an option, as the colour reflects on the in-built calendar. Once the list is made, just click on the ‘Start’ icon next to the task, which then starts a timer. Although one has the option of stopping the timer at any given point, the idea is to press stop once a task has been accomplished. As for a Pause button — that option is simply not available. 

You can also access the timer from your phone’s notification bar instead of unlocking your device and opening the app. Because, as we all know, distractions are aplenty once that phone is unlocked.  

The daily project timeline page and the completed tasks reflecting on the app’s in-built calendar

As and when a project is completed, the colour it is denoted with is added to the calendar. 

The timers on Boosted are varied — Pomodoro, countdown, and customisable timers. Pomodoro is a time management technique wherein an individual, instead of working continuously, divides their time into chunks of 25 minutes with breaks of 5 minutes. Once a task is completed, you are allowed to take a break of 15-20 minutes before moving on to the next item on the to-do list.

However, some of these features, including timer options, more colours for customisation, and automatic backups, fall under the app’s subscription model. For a limiter period currently, the app is offering lifetime access to all features for Rs 590.


Boosted is designed to help with productivity and get your work done in less time. This is also aided by the app’s user-friendly design with multiple timers, easy access, colour-coded list, and calendar tracking. 

Being able to see and map how you are using most of your time is another advantage. 

However, the one disadvantage is that most of its key services, such as the Pomodoro timer, are available only after payment. Perhaps the app could release a limited trial period of the paid features so that more customers can use these features and then turn into paid subscribers. 

But if you are looking for an attractive productivity app for everyday use, the free version of Boosted is enough.

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