You are currently viewing [App Fridays] From potential lovers to plasma donors, TrulyMadly will find your match

[App Fridays] From potential lovers to plasma donors, TrulyMadly will find your match

Modern dating is a challenge. That first conversation — usually over a chat — can potentially make or break the banter. 

Then, if things go well, you can move to a social platform of your choice, and eventually, to the real world — at a coffee shop, a movie theatre, or a pub, restaurant, and more. But then COVID-19 happened. Now, modern dating is all online.

“First dates these days are usually happening over Zoom,” says Snehil Khanor, CEO and one of the founding members of TrulyMadly. 

Founded in 2013, TrulyMadly claims to help its users find committed and serious relationships in a world of casual flings and hookups. 

Designed for individuals who want to find ‘love’ and potentially lifelong relationships, the app claims to have over 8.5 million users. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has a 3.3-star rating on Google Play Store.

In a bid to help India fight the coronavirus, TrulyMadly has also started offering a plasma matching feature, which pops up while you are going through the profiles. The feature takes a user to another website where a COVID-19 recovered patient can enter their relevant details. 


Download, match, chat

Once installed, TrulyMadly gives you the options of signing up using your email or mobile number. We couldn’t create an account using email despite trying multiple times, but signing up using a mobile number was very smooth.

Login page

TrulyMadly’s Login page

The app asks you to upload your pictures and urges users to use original pictures instead of photos of their pets or celebrities. “We have created this system so that our users know who they are talking to,” says Snehil. 

Dating apps are filled with fake accounts with people posing as someone else. There is a short Q&A with questions about personal preferences.

Are you an introvert or extrovert, what are your likes and dislikes, and what types of relationships are you looking for, among others.


TrulyMadly’s photo guidelines

You can also add a short bio and use hashtags to describe your interests. The app also nudges users to link their social media accounts to get a ‘trust score’. The more platforms you link, the higher your trust score. You can also keep updating this long after your profile is created.

Once all the formalities are done, users can click on the green tick to like a potential partner or click on the red cross to dislike a profile, instead of the left-right swipe.

There is also a direct messaging feature, which can be accessed after paying anywhere between Rs 699 and Rs 999. The paid version grants other perks, including highlighting profiles for better reach and appearing on top of conversations.  

The app has several engaging features such as playing quizzes with other users in the chatbox around topics including consent, sexual preferences, movies, and sports.

There is also a blog that talks about safe sex practices, among other things. 



TrulyMadly seems to be made keeping India in mind as hooking up is majorly an urban phenomenon. 

However, the app has limited features for free users even though people seem to have found ways around it. You can connect on TrulyMadly and then move on to other social media platforms. 

According to Snehil, only three percent of the current user base are paid users, and the target is to double this number in one year.

Recently, the company also raised Rs 16 crore in Pre-Series A funding. Until now, it has raised a total of $8.4 million, according to Crunchbase data. 

While downloading yet another dating app might seem pointless, but if you are looking for interesting people, or just browse through, TrulyMadly is a good pick.

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