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Apple Could Be Launching Their Most Advanced MacBook Yet At WWDC In June- Technology News, FP

Normally, during their summer event, the WWDC, Apple usually focuses on the software side of things. Therefore, most of the unveilings tend to focus on the latest developments of macOS, iOS & iPadOS. However, there have been a number of instances when Apple has given its fans a sneak peek into the upcoming hardware, such as the new line of Mac devices as well.

Apple MacBook Air With M2 Processor

Digital render of 2022 M2 MacBook Air. Image by Renders By Ian.

There are strong rumours suggesting that Apple will be launching a whole new array of Mac devices that will be powered by the upcoming M2 silicon, the successor to the insanely powerful and wildly successful processors from Apple. Apparently, the Cupertino based giants are testing various Mac devices that are being powered by the M2 chips.

Apple is working on a series of new Mac minis, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. The most anticipated Mac device of these is the brand new MacBook Air. 

The 2022 MacBook Air is apparently going to get brand new colourways. The MacBook Air will take a cue from the 2021 iMac, and will be introducing a wider colour range, in a series of delectable pastel hues.

It has been several years since the MacBook Air got a major design refresh, with only the internals getting upgraded. It was as if the designing team at Apple had forgotten all about the MacBook Air series. With the iMac & the iPad Mini both getting some major design updates last year, it seems that the designers and engineers at Apple are slowly getting to refresh the design of their older products.

Apple MacBook Air With M2 Processor

Digital Image by Renders By Ian.

There’s also a rumour that the MacBook Air will be getting rid of the tapered design, and will come with a more flat-edged design. Also, rumour has it that the infamous notch is coming to the MacBook Air.

As reported earlier, the new generation of the MacBook Air will be powered by eight CPU cores, which will be responsible for the heavy lifting and handle the main computing tasks, and an additional 10 cores for graphics. That’s up from eight graphics cores in the current MacBook Air.

It remains to be seen if Apple is indeed going to launch these new Mac devices at WWDC this year, or will fans of the Macintosh have to wait a little longer.

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