Are These 3 Money Troubles Keeping You Up at Night?

Money issues have the power to keep you up at night, tossing and turning as you worry about the future. As a slave to the grind, most entrepreneurs are ready to sacrifice some shut-eye to build their businesses. But sleep deprivation is a harder pill to swallow when it isn’t on your own terms. If financial problems and anxiety steals precious sleep away from you, you’ll be exhausted and unprepared for the day ahead.

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What Financial Worries Spoil Your Sleep?

General financial anxiety can build up over time and cause you to lose sleep. But it’s more likely you’re staying up thinking about a specific problem.

1. Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Immediate bills and looming deadlines are the worst sleep-interrupting duo for your finances. They might cause you to toss and turn as you worry about your financial problems and the future.

Not having the cash you need is worrisome enough, but the real sleep stealer is all the stuff that happens when you don’t pay bills on time: late fines, credit damage, and service interruptions.

If you’re worried about how you’ll pay bills on time, reach out to your creditors to arrange a payment plan. Next, look into making a budget to help reroute cash towards these essentials.

2. Worrying About the Future

There’s a good chance you worry about “what if” scenarios if you live paycheck to paycheck. That’s because living paycheck to paycheck uses almost 100% of your income to cover your immediate bills.

When your expenses and income nearly equal out, you have very little cash left over to handle unexpected expenses. As a result, something small like an unexpected problem with your car’s power steering can become an enormous problem to fix.

If you’re in a similar financial position, don’t panic. You can take out a cash loan to help you cover an unexpected personal emergency expense. You can find a cash lender near you, either at an in-person location or online where you can apply for an emergency installment loan or line of credit.

3. Dealing with Bad Credit

A rock-bottom credit score can negatively affect your sleep. It limits how easily you can qualify for those online loans in emergencies. You can also expect to pay more on these loans than someone with stellar credit.

A lot of people with bad credit turn to online loans with no credit check as a result. They might think this is all they can qualify for in a tight spot.

The problem is, you have to repay online loans with no credit check all at once by your next payday. And with most of your money going towards essential bills, you may not have enough leftover to pay your loan on time.

Before you take out online loans with no credit check, research other options for bad credit. While a low score will always impact the rates you pay, you may find more manageable repayment schedules with other products.

In the meantime, find out what you can do to repair your credit — both business and personal. A budget will help you pay bills on time, which is a big first step to correcting lousy credit and your financial problems. Follow these other tips or ask an advisor for more help.

The Takeaway:

Your financial situation can have a profound effect on your sleep habits. Losing sleep over bad credit, emergencies, or living paycheck to paycheck isn’t healthy. Address these financial problems so that you can get back to what you do best, well-rested and ready for the day.

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