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‘As a founder, you hear a no every day’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights from the week of May 17-23 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights. See also our special compilation of quotes related to India’s coronavirus responses here.

To unleash the economic potential, for the good of the business, and of the country, women should prosper. – Valli Arunachalam, Murugappa Group

Diversity in leadership is gaining momentum across spheres – in age, gender and outlook. – Kaustubh Sonalkar, Welspun Group

Women, who are fortunate to be in a position of power and influence should go the extra mile to help and encourage others who look up to them and seek their support. – Sindhu Gangadharan, SAP Labs India

Most activewear brands in the country are largely focussed towards men, leaving very limited options designed specifically for the Indian women. – Minu Margeret, BlissClub

The purpose of our lives is seva, selfless service to help people who are at a vulnerable time in their lives, when they are in poor health. The mission is bigger than one person. – Bhavya Rehani, Health4TheWorld

The next challenge in education, which doesn’t get solved by standardising the role of a teacher, is to prepare children to deal with a rapidly changing world and highly uncertain future. – Shivani Chakrachhattri, Roundumbrella Co

Millions of families in urban and rural India lack access to decent shelter or a toilet. – Rajan Samuel, Habitat for Humanity

India has always had an acute dearth of medical professionals and healthcare infrastructure with only 0.6 hospital beds available per 1000 of the population – many states of the country are even below this national metric. – Manisha Kumar, Columbia Asia

All happy and successful mornings have their foundation in a good night’s sleep. – Peter Turla

Microgreens are some of the most nutrient-dense foods. They contain all the power of a mother plant in them as they are seedlings. – Deepa Kannan, PFNR

India loves to walk, which is extremely important for one’s cardiorespiratory and vascular health. – Vikas Singh, Fitpage

There is a notion that IVF is the only solution to infertility which is not true. – Snneha Lukaa, BabyReady

Managed offices provide seamless way to scale up or down the office space while reducing on heavy rentals, long-term leases and saving overhead costs on administration and maintenance. – Rajat Johar, Skootr Global

GCCs are now a mainstream strategy for companies to build high-performance global teams and drive their relevancy and future-proofing agenda. – Lalit Ahuja, ANSR

People are going back to [the] roots. The educated upper class is now looking forward to buying gold. – Pawan Gupta, PP Jewellers

The concept of sustainability entails that we live and work in the present in a manner that does not jeopardise the future. – Grofers

Art is not just something mystical and mysterious from an artist, but a reflection of phenomena in daily human life. It can be a reflection of the soul, but also of the anxiety that occurs in everyday life. – Meuz Prast, MayinArt

The good thing now is there are amazing founders with massive dreams who are not ready to sell short, that’s good for the ecosystem. – Amrish Rau, Pine Labs

Five years ago, the ecosystem in India was not this developed. Corporate innovation charters were being discussed in board rooms and startup ideas in incubators. – Prasad Vanga, Anthill Ventures

A learning, listening, and thinking artist almost always makes it. – Avik Bandyopadhyay, MayinArt

Work for a good cause, and any kind of support will come to you automatically. – George Rakesh Babu, Good Samaritans Trust

There is no formula to get it right always. In fact, the more you get it wrong, the bigger and better it will be in the future. – Kavya Singh Kundu, ‘Tale as old as Time’

As a founder, you hear a no every day … you develop a thick skin. – Deepti Yenireddy, Phenom People

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