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Bajaj Group pledges additional support of Rs 200 Cr for COVID-19 relief

Pune-based Bajaj Group on Tuesday pledged an additional financial support of Rs 200 crore towards COVID-19 response.

The financial support will be utilised to alleviate the immediate on-ground challenges as well as to build capability and resources to tackle a possible third wave, Bajaj group said in a statement.

This contribution is in addition to Rs 100 crore donated by the group last year to support the government’s fight against the deadly pandemic.

“Given the severity of the second wave of the pandemic, we pledge an additional financial support of Rs 200 crore towards COVID-19 response,” Rahul Bajaj, Chairman emeritus, Bajaj Group, said in the statement.

Recently, the group aided in the procurement of 12 oxygen plants to provide more than 5,000 LPM (Litre Per Minute) of oxygen supply to rural and urban hospitals, along with respiratory support equipment such oxygen concentrators, ventilators and BiPaps to help augment their capacity in treating COVID-19 patients.

“Through the last 130 years, Bajaj Group has stood strong with communities, government, and local authorities to make a positive difference to society. In the ongoing fight against COVID-19, we all need to come forward in ways more than ever before, to ensure that all citizens of our country have access to healthcare and other necessities of life, Bajaj said.

Working with the government, local administration, and its network of over 200 NGO partners, the group has supported various projects to ensure that desired help and support was extended to those who needed the most including immediate food relief to stranded migrants; upgradation of urban and rural healthcare facilities; provision of key healthcare devices; and livelihood support for returned migrants, he said.

In addition to the group’s ongoing efforts, it will work with local authorities and NGO partners to further upgrade the rural, peri-urban and urban healthcare facilities; enhance the availability of oxygen and critical medical supplies for COVID-19 treatment, and raise awareness around COVID-19 appropriate behaviour as well as support the vaccination drive for the most vulnerable sections of the society, Bajaj said.

As the nation grapples with this second wave of the pandemic, Bajaj as a group continues to remain steadfast in its commitment towards extending all our support and care in helping the affected communities at large to tide through these unprecedented times, he added.

On April 30, Rahul Bajaj stepped down as non-executive chairman of Bajaj Auto. He, however, will continue as Chairman Emeritus of the company for a term of five years with effect from May 1, 2021.

The Bajaj Group manufactures and markets a range of products and services in India and abroad. It has a presence in various sectors like two and three-wheelers, home appliances, wind energy, forging, insurance among others.

The group employs about 36,000 employees and its market capitalisation is around Rs 6.5 lakh crore with 40 group companies.

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