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Bengaluru startup, SRIT partner to provide voice-enabled patient care

To transform the doctor-patient engagement, Bengaluru-based healthtech startup on Wednesday announced a partnership with SRIT to augment the latter’s e-health and m-health solutions, enabling it to deliver voice-based electronic medical records (EMR) documentation.

For the past 21 years, SRIT is actively working in the fields of clinical, radiological, medical imaging, EHR., e-health, m-health, RCM, insurance contracts, and claims adjudication management software solution. — a spin-off of primary healthcare IT company mTatva — was founded by Baljit Singh and Praveen Prakash to build a neuro symbolic AI-based device to assist doctors.

Its flagship cloud-based API platform SimboAlpha a voice-based assistant for doctors — enables healthtech stakeholders to create voice-based electronic medical records (EMR) using advanced AI.

The state-of-the-art solution uses proprietary automated speech recognition (ASR) and medical natural language understanding (NLU) through its vast medical knowledge base to understand the doctor-patient conversation.

Speaking about the development, Madhu Nambiar, Chairman and MD, SRIT, said,

“We are pleased to announce that after long due diligence of comparative products in the industry, we have integrated our solution with as our AI partner for voice-enabled care. We have offered the application to some of our customers, and buoyant of their feedback, we have plans to extend the synergy to all our clients as an integrated offering. This paces up our vision of automating and easing clinician-led care.”

According to the startup, SimboAlpha — designed with in-house speech-to-text technology — can be plugged into any existing healthcare information system or EMR software system

Baljit Singh, Co-founder and CEO,, said, “This partnership comes as a huge endorsement for our continuous research efforts. SRIT will be taking SimboAlpha across India and other geographies, providing us with an opportunity to serve clinicians and patients, and thus will enrich our Made in India product”. 

He added, “SimboAlpha’s transformative technology will enable the healthcare stakeholders to disrupt the way clinicians approach patient documentation.”

Trained on international and Indian clinical terms, SimboAlpha’s prescription digitisation is highly accurate, even in noisy environments, with a 2.58 percent Word Error Rate (WER) and 3.16 percent Sentence Error Rate, the co-founders claim.

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