You are currently viewing Berlin-based experience analytics startup UXCam secures €4.4M to help poorly designed apps

Berlin-based experience analytics startup UXCam secures €4.4M to help poorly designed apps

UXCam, an experience analytics platform for mobile apps, announced that it has secured $5M (approx €4.4M) in a Seed round led by Headline. Adjacent VC, Blinkist co-founder Tobias Balling, and Staffbase co-founder Martin Bohringer also participated in the funding round. 

The funds will enable UXCam to develop its deep-tech capacities for large-scale pattern analysis. With a solid client base in Europe and the US, the company is planning to continue its expansion in APAC and Latin America. 

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Headline (formerly is a Venture Capital firm active in 7 cities around the world. It invests across geographies, leading rounds at every stage. The company’s early-stage funds are based in the US, Europe, Asia, and Brazil. 

As a part of the funding round, Jonathan Becker, Partner at Headline will join UXCam’s board.

“As the backer of SEMrush and Segment, we have been searching for the next company that can deliver insights specifically for the mobile app experience. Kishan and Silvanus impress us with their obsession on pure and visual insights, their commitment to empathy, and the company culture they have built across three continents,” shares Jonathan Becker. 

How was UXCam born?

While working at University College London as a mobile-usability research engineer, Kishan Gupta found that customer struggles were hard to verbalise and buried in averaged data and heatmaps. 

Later, he met his UCL graduate and long-time friend Dr. Silvanus Alt to start building a platform to help companies understand customer frustrations. 

Thus UXCam was born.

What does UXCam solve?

UXCam says most Product managers often lack the experience and resources to set up and maintain pipelines to gather data from their applications. 

“Most product managers track vanity metrics such as page visits and do not capture micro-interaction data sets. In doing so, they completely miss what matters: the user,” says the company 

The company recognised this problem and developed a platform that helps app professionals to deliver mobile apps by understanding user behaviour.

“In the future, every company will be a mobile-first company: most of our daily tasks, from ordering food to scheduling an appointment, will be carried out using our phones. While 87 per cent of organisations think they have good UX1, less than 8 per cent of customers agree that companies offer a good UX2.” shares Kishan Gupta, CEO, and co-founder of UXCam.

 “As researchers, we found that A/B testing and surveys were all about a product’s known unknowns: most quantitative analyses arrive at averageness, which tries to make everything seem covered. That’s why app developers come to UXCam to surface their unknown unknowns,” he continues. 

How does UXCam work?

Based out of Berlin, UXCam helps companies identify usability issues on their mobile applications and make informed product decisions.

The company’s solution provides Session Replay Analytics, Heatmap Analytics, User Analytics, Funnel Analytics, and UI freezes, crashes, and other usage patterns. UXCam’s clients include companies such as Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Delivery Hero, Nando’s,, and over 150 other global businesses. The platform offers insights from 100B data points and 3B app experiences each month.

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