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Best mobile phones for seniors- Technology News, FP

Value for money
Featuring an easy-to-navigate menu and a traditional touch keypad with large buttons, even elderly adults can use this phone comfortably. Senior citizens will appreciate the features that include an ample 500 number contact book and the ability to stay in touch with their friends via SMS or a conference call. The fantastic 800 mAh battery offers an excellent standby time while allowing you to use the phone for many hours before having to charge it.
If you’re looking for an affordable phone with several basic features, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Connects and protects
Perfect for people with hearing loss, this phone comes with an inbuilt amplifier that allows you to hear every conversation clearly. A notable feature is the SOS button on the back of the phone that lets you get help quickly by automatically dialing and messaging your emergency contact when you press it. The loud ringtones will ensure that you never miss a call from your loved ones. We love the picture speed dial function that allows you to call your eight favorite contacts without searching for their numbers.
We highly recommend this phone for its thoughtful features specifically designed for elderly adults.

Stay connected in style
This phone is sleek, and the flip design makes it compact enough to fit in the smallest pockets. The fantastic 1550mAh battery gives you peace of mind and lets you experience excellent battery life and offers an impressive standby time on a single charge. While the external display allows you to check the time at night without disturbance of a bright screen, we find that the torch function is convenient while looking for things in the dark. The dual sim support is an excellent feature that always keeps you connected.
For a stylish phone with great battery backup, choose this one.

Lightweight user-friendly
Ideal for seniors, this product is packed with useful features and has a simplified interface. Weighing just 75gm, the phone’s lightweight design ensures that you won’t face any discomfort carrying it around or using it for long calls. Music lovers will appreciate the dedicated music button and FM radio function that allows you to record and replay your favorite broadcasts. You won’t have to worry about running out of storage space as this phone allows you to increase the memory to up to 16GB using an SD card.
This product’s easy-to-use features and lightweight design make it an excellent purchase for elderly adults.

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