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Best solar gadgets for domestic use- Technology News, FP

Waterproof solar lamp

The Hardoll Super Bright Solar Lamp can be bought either in a pack of 1 or 2. It makes use of a fifth generation lighting new LED technology that provides high colour rendering and prevents electromagnetic radiations, UV radiations and Infrareds. It is highly efficient and energy-saving. It doesn’t require any wires and has an easy installation process. This solar lamp has 3 lighting moods – the sensor mood, dim light sensor mood and off. The ideal height for its installation would be 5’6’ ft to 6’6’ ft. This can be an ideal addition to any house!

Disk shaped

The Hardoll Solar Decorative Lights can be bought in a pack of either 1, 2, 4 or 8. These automatic solar ground lights are highly efficient and contain rechargeable batteries. It has a no-hassle installation, thanks to their ‘no wires’ mechanism. This 20 LED colour changing disk comes with a 5 modes operation, wherein you can run it on your favourite colour. However, remember to give it an eight-minute charge before operating. This disk-shaped lamp is waterproof and is said to provide a really long life. It has been made tough and built to last!

Multicoloured wall stickers

The Gadgets Wrap Solar System Wall Sticker Decals would be an ideal addition to your little one’s room, especially if you’re trying to get him/her to learn about planets, the solar system and the universe in general. These stickers are made of vinyl and come in a single pack. The best part about these stickers is, they’re removable, so in case your kid doesn’t like them in his/her room anymore, simply have them removed! These stickers are bright and multicoloured, so your child will also enjoy looking at them and his intrigue will peak too!

Best Solar Gadgets for Domestic Use

The Global Craft Summer Sport Outdoor Hat/Cap with Solar Sun Power Cool Fan comes in a single pack and is an ideal way to stay cool during extremely unbearable hot summer days. This fan cap is unique because it is powered by solar energy and is also adjustable in size, which is why it fits everyone – old or young! So, whether you’ve got a small head or a big one, and irrespective of the number of people in your family – everyone can wear it with absolute ease and comfort and stay cool throughout the day!

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