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Best soundbars for ultimate fun- Technology News, FP

With preset equalizers

This soundbar provides a crystal clear immersive and cinematic experience. It has a powerful 60W output to help amplify all of your entertainment needs. The 2.0 channel sound system gives balanced sound output and deep bass while watching movies, listening to music, or even playing video games. One can experience the cinematic sound that revolves around you. It comes with 4 dynamic drivers and has a sleek and lightweight design. The remote comes equipped with preset equalizers set to music, news, movies and 3D setting. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a sleek soundbar with powerful sound output.

Simplest of designs

This product comes with 8 sound drivers to take your movie viewing, gameplay, and music playback experience up a notch. It can easily get connected to mobile devices via the S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in, and Bluetooth connections. The simple design along with a hassle-free uncluttered setup takes just 30 seconds to be up and running. The minimalist design in a modern gray tone can match with any décor scheme. So get ready to play your favorite songs at the next get-together by simply connecting this Soundbar to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth 4.2. Get this one if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option.

Many connectivity options

It is a soundbar that comes with a 5-inch subwoofer in addition to room-shaking bass to fulfill all your sound experience needs. The soundbar has an LED display and multi-connectivity options along with quad drives and more. It has a total output of 45W with a 5-inch subwoofer. It comes with a multi-feature remote control so you can sit back and relax with easy access to your entertainment at the press of a button. This product also has a maximum supported memory of 32GB via USB or SD card. Go for this one if you want a good subwoofer.

Go for a trusted name

The product comes with a 160W peak power system with a deep bass sound that thunders all-around your home. The wireless woofer offers balanced results, so you can experience supersonic sound while watching a movie, listening to music, and any other entertainment requirements. The device has three different equalizer modes for movies, music, and news so you can listen to your television content with precision tuning. If you are looking for a soundbar that ticks all the boxes, this is the right choice for you.

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