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building infrastructure tools for web3 onboarding

Introducing OnMeta: The On/Off-Ramp Payment Solution

India is set to play a key role in the emerging Web3 innovation space. According to Nasscom, India is home to 450+ Web3 startups with $1.3 billion of total investments in the last two years (until April 2022) and with 11% of global Web3 talent is in India, making India the 3rd biggest talent pool in this area

As the applications of Web3 keep emerging, one key need is to build infrastructure tools for web3 onboarding

OnMeta is an on/off-ramp payment solution that provides the underlying infrastructure for dApps to allow their end users to exchange fiat currency for tokens seamlessly.

OnMeta was founded in June 2021 by Bharath T, Krishna Teja who were all part of early core teams that built, Rapido, Ola, Grip, Paytmoney, Arzoo, and Uipath. With their combined experience of scaling large web2 startups, they set out to simplify the user experience of crypto adoption and make it easier for non-native crypto users to onboard.

OnMeta is a full stack On/Off-Ramp payment solution (API/widget integration) that helps users reduce costs incurred by end users and make transactions simpler. OnMeta has already integrated with more than 20 dApps and processed over USD 500K in transactions in the last 6 months.

It is one of the first movers in this category for the Indian market. The team consists of 15+ members with an average professional experience of 8+ years and brings in a substantial pedigree in terms of education with folks from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati, UCLA, etc.

OnMeta is looking to expand to Southeast Asia and to build a must-have payment infrastructure for other use cases, such as OnMeta Corporate card and Cross-border solutions for freelancers.

Differentiating from global competitors such as,,, and Transak, OnMeta is looking to add value by supporting local payments.

As it scales, it need to keep ensuring compliance with the emerging regulations in this space and to drive user trust and value.

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