Buy or Sell Locally Grown, Organic Produce with Backyard Cart

There’s nothing like fresh, locally sourced produce. Not only does it taste great, but you can feel great when you buy it knowing your money is going towards a local business or resident. However, it can be difficult to find such produce if you don’t know where to look.

Homeowners growing fresh produce in their yard often have more produce than they can use themselves. However, these leftover fruits and vegetables typically end up going to waste. Allowing nearby residents to buy the excess produce can help minimize waste as well as bring in some extra money to help care for the trees and plants. Unfortunately, finding these buyers can be difficult.

Backyard Cart solves these problems for produce buyers and sellers by making it easy for them to find and contact each other.

Here’s how it works

Through a website and convenient mobile app, Backyard Cart enables homeowners who are growing organic produce in their yards to list their produce online for other people to buy. Homeowners simply upload photos of the produce along with product descriptions and prices. It’s free to list produce on Backyard Cart.

People looking to buy fresh, local produce can use Backyard Cart to search for nearby items. Users can search for certain items, can enter an address to find produce near a specific location, and can even set a mile or kilometer radius to find produce within a set area.

Once the buyer has found what they’re looking for, they can email the seller via the Backyard Cart app to ask questions and schedule a time to pick up the produce. Then, all the buyer has to do is pay, collect and bring home the produce, and enjoy!


Backyard Cart includes a number of features to make it easy to find, buy and sell locally grown fruit and vegetables.

  • Photos: Sellers can upload photos of their produce so buyers can easily see the quality of the produce and know what to expect.
  • Product information: In addition to photos, sellers can add a product description to help buyers learn more about their produce.
  • Price: Sellers can set prices that work for them, such as per item, per bag or per pound.
  • Email communication: When using the Backyard Cart app, buyers can contact sellers via email to ask questions, discuss the produce, and arrange a pickup time.
  • Similar produce: When looking at a listing, buyers see listings for similar items to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Free listings: Homeowners can list their produce on Backyard Cart for free.
  • Available for iOS and Android: The Backyard Cart app can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store.


Fresh, organic produce is too good to let go to waste. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell your yard’s leftover produce, or a neighbor looking for delicious fruits and vegetables, Backyard Cart can help you find what you need. Sound good? Visit to learn more and sign up.


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