You are currently viewing CampX by Volvo Group invites startups and partners to collaborate with experts to shape future transport solutions

CampX by Volvo Group invites startups and partners to collaborate with experts to shape future transport solutions

The launch of Volvo Group’s global innovation arena for technology ‘CampX by Volvo Group’ in Bengaluru during July 2021 is a promising ground for startups and partners to collaborate with Volvo group’s experts to develop future transport solutions.

For years, Volvo Group has been at the forefront of the many innovations in the transport and automobile industry. Having led various development and transformation initiatives in the sector, they are now leveraging their rich expertise to play a key role in shaping the future of transportation for the globe and the region.

“Automation, electromobility and connectivity, along with new-age business models and technologies, are transforming the future of the transport industry. With a rich startup & collaborative ecosystem in the country along with the presence of one of Volvo Group’s largest product development sites, we are in a good position to support the future of the larger Group, the transport industry and fuel innovation from India. We invite startups and partners in India to join us in this journey,” said Kamal Bali, President and MD, Volvo Group, India.

About CampX by Volvo Group

Today’s world is constantly evolving with new technologies taking birth every few years, changing the face of the global economy. To speed up and solve societal challenges, it has become critical to collaborate and work on solutions together. Almost every sector is seeing a revamp including automotive and transport sectors. This year, CampX’s focus areas are automation, electromobility, and connectivity.

CampX’s mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation with speed and simplicity. The program aims to achieve this through collaboration of Volvo experts with various startups and stakeholders in the sector. Geographical location will be no bar for participants, and the team is open to collaborating with them to together work on transport solutions of tomorrow and bring more sustainable transport solutions to market.

How does it work?

The program will see three critical phases – explore, validate, and launch.

Beginning with the Explore phase, the team will set about identifying the winning ideas and prioritise concepts that align with their mission. The concepts will be based on business needs, innovation and emerging technology trends. In the Validate phase, the team will test the speed and agility of partners along with examining the proof of value, to proceed to the final Launch phase, where participants will get to take their solutions to the market backed by CampX and Volvo Group.

If you wish to participate and come up with innovative transport solutions of tomorrow, register here.

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